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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Island Afghani from Getaway Mountain's genetics... About 40% of phenos has this trait. Powerful smoke too, high yielding and weather/mold resistant.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I know they go away when it dries but its still so pretty
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    I will throw up more photos later... Got a few things to take care of for the afternoon. You folks enjoy. I am so glad I found those as I have heard enough in other threads of people always slingin' the words to me "why don't you have any photos???" etc...

    If I could only ever recover the last 15 years of photos... If only.
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    The smell on it though goes right along with that color... The sweetest floral smell you will ever sniff... Just like petunias almost only caked with sugar (much sweeter).
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    max420thc Well-Known Member

    Nice looking plants, good growing
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    macsnax Well-Known Member

    Hey psyc, I've been thinking about those skunk seeds you put up the other day. Where did you buy them? I can't remember if it was this thread or not.
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    The Kentucky Road Kill skunk seeds I mentioned is a local Kentucky legend, its likely the same thing from uncle fester only worked to almost 80% road kill pheno types everytime... The true real deal. Those are not on the market, though.

    If you are talking about the Skunk 18 Open Pollination seeds I uploaded a photo of, those came from the Nature Farm Genetics. I got the last two packs. They ran out of stock about a month ago and just so happen someone forgot to send in payment for 3 packs, so they threw them back up and I snagged them... I got extremely lucky on that.

    They are out of stock now... doubt they will be in stock again or anytime soon anyway, I hit oil on that dig lol.
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Day 2 of 12/12...

    Can't get a full room photo in there up against the wall, but that back section you see from the studs, light controller and ballasts on to the back wall, the front portion of the room identical.

    Looks like im gonna have to get a panorama picture for the best full view lol.



    macsnax Well-Known Member

    Very nice, too bad they're gone. I'd love to get in line for some of the rks you plan on making. I'm on a skunk kick after reading your post about rks.
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Day 3 of 12/12

    Not much visual change in the photos but man the nodes are stacking on them. I have noticed since I lollipopped some and then fed, that all new growth and shoots are packing right up onto each other, that is what I am after... Those long, dense, full colas. Reason I left some lower growth is to take clones (in about a week) to prep a few more mothers for the next run which will be a SOG (likely)...

    Here they are today! Notice the Chem' 91 in the last photo, she is a bush! She is surrounded by a couple of Headbangers(OG leaning phenos) and 413 Chems for the rest. On towards the back, in the middle I have rows of Headbangers, "Corey" Startdawgs and in the very back "the taller plants" are Original Glue 4...I a plan to get several cuttings from the Chem' 91... Over look the floors lol, had a little issue come up the other day and the floors got muddy. Got that under control now.



    Man I wish I could fast forward time!!! This way of life is definitely not for impatient haha... But it is love, to me! [​IMG]
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Another update...

    Can't stay out of the grow room lol... always in there during lights on piddling with something...

    Decided to apply some old fashioned LST on what I believe to be the stretchiest of them all... The gg4 got the lowdown.


    Except for this one... She stayed low and bushy, very close internal development on this one compared to the others... Hey @HydroRed What do you think about her structure buddy? She isn' stretching like the other 5 of them are. I expiremented with her (this particular one) and gave her very high doses of Kelp... Kelp contains an all natural PGR that really seems to be working on this one. I guess this is one move I will always use on my Glue from now on, a week before the flip. Here she is...


    Here is the side of the room that no one ever gets to see lol.. embarrassed of the mess, but oh well, I am working on a lot things right now.

    And I scooted those plants out of my way to make a walkway for easier access back and forth. I always center them back up when I leave the room.


    Here is the Chem' 91... My only plant I have of her. She is surrounded by 413 Chems and I plan on taking many cuttings of the 91. She is a bush for sure.


    Then I said what the hell, and threw up one of these in the back half of the grow room... I crawled and got around just fine beneath it.. Back will be scrogged, front will just be LST'd... The way my room is laid out at the moment, a screen in front will just be in my way.



    First scrog too, btw.

    Just wanted to not also that the gg4 is drinking the shit out of water. They will need water this evening when lights switch back on. Hardly 2 days and they are almost dry. I watered thoroughly when I get them, got a little run off.

    You should see the root mass on these plants, a mix of sea weed juice, recharge and voodoo juice had made them explode. I barely can even stick the popsicle stick back into the promix the roots are so dense. They filled those 5 gals up in no time at all. Probably some of the best root balls/systems I have ever had indoor.
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Looking good. I havent seen many "short" glue plants. Once they really go into flower, you can likely kiss that goodbye haha. I see that leaf twist though....
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm anxious to see how this goes... I'm gonna do and apply everything in my power to keep them short. And yeah, they are definitely legit clone only GG's... I can't say no names, but if you knew the guy I got them from and you are familiar with ICmag you would know right off the bat there is zero chance of them being frauds... The other 5 I didn't apply the kelp to are almost 8 to 10 inches taller.

    Something interesting, is that my 413 Chems also have that leaf twisting going on. There is gg4 in the lineage so it must be a gg4 dominant cut. The cut was selected by mycotek himself, so however it turns out I bet it is fire either way.
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    413 chem showing leaf twist is most likely gg dom pheno. Chem Sis is a parent lineage of GG4 so its still keeping it all in the Chem family lol

    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Howdy folks!

    Been a few days since a good solid update, lights come on not long ago... I will be throwing up some photos tonight along with a new update.

    I gave the first feeding of big bud at half strength night before last and this morning I already noticed flowers starting to form! That stuff must be good to push them out over night like that. Of course I am taking it easy on the flowering nutes as of now, they still have a lot of growing to do first, but I like putting just enough in the mix to stimulate them a little early.

    The back part of the room got watered and fed 2 nights ago, the front part (the chems) get it tonight.

    Will update soon!
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    I hope this turns out good ;)... Batch should be done by tomorrow.

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    max420thc Well-Known Member

    They have a product called bud ignitor that is used to jump start them. They have another product called bud blood I swore by and used. You can no longer use it with their pH perfect nutes. It will screw up your plants. Bud blood is one of the best products they made. It would induce bud sites. Lots of them fast .
    I have found proper trimming and training will get you way more production than nutes ever will.
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    max420thc Well-Known Member

    What you cooking up brother? It looks like some shine?
    I will be a hour and a half from KY this afternoon ,
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Update time!

    Last few days things have been sailing pretty smoothly. Not a whole big lot going on other than some slight stretching and starting to see some flower development.

    I just started adding Big Bud and Open Sesame into my feeding program... Here is what they had for dinner. Per gallon.

    10ml of both Sensi Bloom a&b
    3.5ml of Big Bud
    6ml of B52
    1 tsp of Epsom Salts
    3.5ml of Cal-Mag
    1/4 tsp of Open Sesame
    And finally Molasses...

    This is what the front portion of the room got tonight, the 413 Chem, Chem 91, Headbanger and a couple Corey's...

    The back portion got the same feeding two days ago and they absolutely LOVED it. I seen flowers starting to appear overnight.

    I have some AN Nirvana, Budswell and a new bottle of Cal-Mag on the way. Wanted the Bud Factor X and Mammoth P as well, but I cannot afford it atm. Oh, and I do have some Primordial Solutions True Blooms on the way as well. This is a product meant to be used during flowering via foiliar spray/fed. I used it a couple of years ago with great success, you can get a free sample from their website. A little goes a long long way... Primordial Solutions also has a product out called Terp Gerp and from the reviews I have seen it is an insane product that I will also be purchasing on towards the end of flowering... Its meant to be used in the last two weeks. It is a foiliar aresol that you mist into the buds and it does not leave them wet. Y'all should definitely look into this.

    Anyway, here are the girls as of tonight... Lookin' real good! Filling the grow space in quiet nicely!

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