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    what size pump do i need to have to make 25-40 gallons of tea at a time? 700 gph bigger? any recommendations are helpful.
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    If you plan on using it often and for the foreseeable future I'd recommend something like the EcoAir5 that does 1300 gph. I got one for a DWC setup I had planned but using it to aerate my dugout atm. :)

    Got a smaller one, EcoPlus1 that does 793 gph too that would probably be plenty big enough. Most guys use a small aquarium pump in their 5gal pails.

    Should last for years and years with the intermittent use you have planned for it.

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    you should also look into something that measures the dissolved oxygen in the water. i don't know how expensive they are... but its a damn useful tool when it comes to brewing teas, because once population growth gets out of control, coupled by the brew temps being even slightly too warm... no amount of air you put in it is going to be enough because it gets consumed so quickly by aerobes. once you start seeing O2 levels have a hard time keeping up, you're at your peak point, and it's time to use the tea. at least that's what i'm extrapolating from my most recent acquired info from another member on here who's taken classes on this subject. the O2 monitor may be unnecessary... but it sure would be helpful IMO.
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    thanks guys!
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