QB boards and COBs in winter? Are they warm enough?

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    I agree, just got one of these, before the veg room would be in the 60's / 80's, Now it stays at 75 / 85. Right now it has 4 qb 120's & an 8 bulb t5, soon to be replaced with another 4 qb's. room is 36" x 120".
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    Low temps are my biggest challenge. I grow in an unfinished basement, in Michigan. I've partitioned off the grow area (one cab and two tents, plus room to move around and for storage - the space is about 10'x15') with plastic drop-cloth, which I'm planning to double as we head into the colder months. Running a space heater in the garden, which helps, but it's having difficulty keeping up with the falling temps. I'm planning to (finally) run some ducting into the basement, but just into the grow area, so hopefully that'll get me through the winter.

    Edit: I should clarify - low temps are my biggest challenge this time of the year. In the summer, HID just cooks my plants, which is why I made the move to LED. I figure it will ultimately be easier to keep temps up than it will to keep them down; especially with no way to add AC.

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    I'm adding some CMH to my LED's to help raise temps.
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