Quantum Boards Across The Pond In The UK

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    god damn. :shock: that's more than 1 gram per watt
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    Loved reading through this. Great results. Well done mate :)
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    Also in the UK. Just cutting my teeth building a cob. I do have a thread and she is almost finished. Where did you get your QB's over here mate. I want to chuck another build together for a veg tent just not using cobs on that. Sounds like what you're running will be great but I don't rate ionic personally. Will definitely be sitting down to have a proper read through when I get a chance this evening.
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    @Colanoscopy I got the boards from the original supplier and designers HLG across the water. No problems getting them here mine took 4 days.
    I will be ordering another 2 boards at some point just for the veg cab. Seriously impressive kit.
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    I'm gonna see if I can get a couple ordered. My driver took 2 days to arrive from texas. And my heatsinks were like a week late from fucking Milton Keynes haha. Royal mail is shite init. I'll drop you a tag on my cob build see what you think.
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    @zypheruk......because the boards and drivers are from across the water....are they both voltages...ie....can i plug them straight into a uk wall socket at 240v....and did you have to fit your own uk plug
    i just had an email from HLG
    Ready to assemble 260W LED Board XW kit
    ...£295 inc shipping to UK...that's not bad at all...but there's a little wait and i forgot to ask the above question on voltage and plug
    How are you getting on with them boards still?......wanted to have a look at your grow diaries but it wont let me...i think its private

    PS.....enjoyed this grow you did...And some really good info you put out especially light distances and heat or lack of heat
    looking forward to more grows of yours if i can see them...and my boards "cant wait"
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    if your ordering from HLG let them know and i do believe they will supply a 240 plug for you. the boards get their juice from the driver so only the plug needs to change.
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    The boards work fine in the UK, just fit a plug on the drivers. I'm still using the boards, and still working like new so no problems.
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