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    I have been bouncing around this segment of the forum off and on. I have never really paid attention to the Total Dissolved Solids in my methods of growing. I have just gone by a rule of thumb of using 1/2 of the nutes recommended amount. I keep my ph between 5.8 and 7.3. When the water gets low in my system the TDS will rise to about 1250 and one spike at PH of 7.3.

    My question is
    What is the proper PPM for TDS when using General Hydroponics (grow, bloom, micro) in a hydroponic system?

    Thank you in advance

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    Anywhere from 300 ppm to 2000 ppm usually. 700 PPM is a good starting point and move from there.

    If i were you i'd be paying more attention to the PH fluctuations. Letting the PH climb higher than 6.5 can encourage nutrient problems and pathogen growth.

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    I would agree with that. I need to calibrate both my ph meters evidently, My big meter is saying that the PH is 4.4 to 6.5
    I have another handheld meter that shows a consistent 5.7-6.2. I have always kept an eye on the PH both going in and coming out, but never in the middle where it was very crucial.

    Speaking of growth. This is my 4x4 tent, light of Jah Auto and 2 bianca from Amsterdam Seed Bank. I have to keep pruning the light of Jah back on a daily basis, with no growth nutes being added.

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    ok so I brought my 2 meters upstairs and tested my tap water. PH is at 6.87 and 300 ppm, I have a Vantacool meter too it read 6.82.

    Right now I am running R.O. water and I would love to cancel that schedule and go to tap water. The thing is, is our water is super high in chlorine, I'm afraid that the levels may harm the plants. I know the nutes that I am missing out on with running R.O. water.
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    i'd keep running RO with levels that high.

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