Question about thread placement.

Is the lack of industrial hemp section a bug? cause its making it hard to place the "pathway to texas hemp" thread. its almost a journal...but its also legal instruction...


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A bug? Yes, we have a forum dedicated to dealing with bugs. :lol:

This is a cultivation forum with millions of posts about marijuana, which is the same plant as "industrial hemp." I hope you will refer to our cultivation posts to learn about growing hemp.

As far as "Texas hemp" is concerned, you'll have to refer to some Texans for that.

I'm just asking that we consider adding industrial hemp like we did medical marijuana. Yes they are the same BUT VERY different. This is also true for the audience looking for hemp They may not want to scroll through the devils lettuce. some of the audience i'm going towards will never smoke or use thc in any way. also would like my old account back so people stop assuming i'm new here. I do thank you for replying, this could translate into ad revenue.


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You’re extremely demanding , and your tone is really off putting there’s no reason To be as such

I’m not going to make a full on sub forum for your one photo
newer subs have been shown time and time again never to be active or used
We have enough sub areas I’m sure your posts fits into somewhere

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