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Discussion in 'Maine Patients' started by mdanforth, Nov 13, 2016.


    mdanforth Well-Known Member

    How many of you guys are gonna transition into rec rather that stay with medical? I feel like it might take some to for rec to take effect....Alaska still has implemented theirs from 2014...just curious is all...


    hossthehermit Well-Known Member

    Grower / Caregivers or consumers? My plan is to continue just growing my 6 , and skip the card ................
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    mdanforth Well-Known Member

    No reason for a grow your own to register now it seems, but the majority that don't, still having a card will allow access to much cheaper and, for the most part, better quality product....Rec will will priced quite high for the consumer....

    NoSwagBag Well-Known Member

    I'm not renewing my patient certificate. When I did the recertification last time it was a joke.
    Caregivers around here have been transitioning to the "recreational" way of thinking for years now. The ones that I know will sell a bag to a non patient just as quick as a card carrier. That's ok in my eyes. Much rather see that than people going to the dispensary; or maybe they'll be know as "coffee shops" by next year.
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    NaturalFarmer Well-Known Member

    I would like to see the state take steps in the near future to give disabled veterans their cards without paying $180. I think it is ridiculous that a veteran who has documentation from VA on a qualified disabling condition still needs to go see (cough, cough) I mean pay for a nurse practitioner for a card. I will continue to buy my card until they do so.
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    MaiNiaK420 Well-Known Member

    We are putting up a 6,400 sqft building this summer. I plan to put in for a few rec cards, cause the chance of getting one will be slim. Rec grow and rec processing, possible a retail shop aswell, in a few different counties. (Just in case)
    Lepage said if rec goes through he will end medical. Not sure he can really do this but who knows. Rec licenses, atleast grow rights are going to be so hard to get with an 800,000 sqft canopy cap. 60% to 3,000 sqft +, and that doesn't take into account all those that are garenteed licenses because they put up all the money to get the bill passed.

    I really don't want to go rec and I voted against it cause I knew it was all BS. Just a select few trying to throw a crumb to all those dumb enough to vote for it. If it does go through they will change so much of the law, no one but the big boys can play. (Pay to Play)

    The way I see it. I've always been an outlaw..... No law is going to change that..!!
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    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    so iam one of these dumb shits,that voted legal rec so I can grow few plants in the open without worring my my my,hey notice your not speical:bigjoint:

    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    same here in nevada. let my card expire and grow rec so the government does not know what i'm doing and LE won't have a way to identify me
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    MaiNiaK420 Well-Known Member

    I wasn't trying to call anyone names. (Sorry if it came off that way)

    What I was implying is that, it was all a rouse. Now that the law is passed they can and will change anything they want. The "Any Maine resident over 21 can grow 6 plants" was the enticement used by the yes on 1 campaign to get more votes. If the other legal states set an president on Maine's law (which I'm sure they will).
    So if someone lives within x miles of a (tax paying) recreational retail store, they could say they have to buy their rec marijuana there . Or any county could ban outdoor growing all together.

    Yes on 1 doesn't guarantee any Maine residents individual right to grow. This is why I was against yes on 1. The only thing yes on1 guarantees is that they will set up a rec program so the state can tax the sale of recreational marijuana.

    Yes I know I'm not special, my wife tells me this every night after sex LMAO...!!
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    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    if, could, maybe,your over thinking it,me an all the folks I no r happy it passed,we will all be growing out in the open an loving it some of the med growers r going to get bumped out,the ones that do should not be growing meds anyway,iam tired of caregivers crying about legal rec then slinging units out the backdoor

    Keighan Well-Known Member

    That's some words my kinda people would speak. There's a paragraph towards the end of the recreational statute that states the recreational law has absolutely 0 affect on the medical law so I'd say lepage would have a very hard time messing with our medical rights. If you don't have a medical program there will be an incredibley fast decline on providers willing to take for 1. The time to explain the complexity of our medicine and how to properly pick and use your medicine for proper relief and for 2. The educated provider that may have spent the time to fully understand everything applicable to our medicine won't be willing to grow an array of medicine so the patient can properly be taken care of, not the way the laws written, it will be, find the heaviest fuckin yielder you can, that has atleste moderate quality and stuff ever last sq ft. :( I'll stay medical even if I have to pay my patients renewal myself.

    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    lapage signed off,glad he did but what a pos cant wait till he goes away,sorry med guys
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    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    yew haw few more days, no more knock an sniffs pigs an greedy fuks r hating it great day in maine:bigjoint:

    MaiNiaK420 Well-Known Member

    Don't be getting to excited... Those "If, could and maybes" are about to (reign) on your parade..!!

    Granted these have not passed yet, but they are working on them. (Some reading material for you)

    This proposed bill would make you have to register, in order participate in rec marijuana. They want to set up a tiered registration, so no matter how small you want to be you must register.

    And this little gem will make it so any town or county can ban growing all together. Not just recreation but any medical growing as well.

    (These are PDF files from

    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    I pay attettion to my town an few little towns around me,no one is talking banning home growing no one cares.what folks r worried about r the store fronts an the rec clubs=big town has come out already an said that's all they worried about.go to some town meeting there all talking about it.will some towns ban it altogether sure,u can check ballot results in any town if rec passed in said town going to be tough to ban homegrows,if I have to register then so be it iam tired of being a outlaw

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