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    sloppyborris Member

    Is it possible to only use my 400W hps from start to finish and for the first two weeks of growth just have the plants far away from the light or should I just buy a smaller 40W or so light. And if so which type should I be looking at as I have a basic fluro light mounted in my ceiling with low wattage.

    cranker Legal Moderator, Esq.

    Possible? Yes. Optimal? Nope. You really want a MH for vegging. Unless you're just planting auto's. Then knock yourself out they love everything.

    Edit: fixed, thanks woody

    motoxmom Active Member

    you can use a hps from start to finish just harden em first. :) good luck :)
    I use my t-5 for cloning then they have gone to my 1000 watt hps. look at my journal for pics it works great !!! :roll:

    woodydude Active Member

    I think what Cranker wrote was a mistake. Do not use a MH for flowering, veg yes, flower no.
    If you get a dual spectrum bulb for your 400W, you can use it all the way through.
    If you only want to use 1 light fixture but dont mind changing the bulb, go for MH veg & HPS Flowering.
    The best results I have had come from a T5HO for veg & HPS for flower.

    watchhowIdoit New Member

    All I use is T-8 for the first 2 weeks from sprout then right under 600 HPS Hortilux enhanced spectrum. Todays HPS bulbs geared towards horticultural use have much more blue spectrum than standard HPS bulbs of days gone by. And most do a great job of vegging thru flower.....
    Here is a link to the best prices on Hortilux bulbs I have found www.bulkhydro.com plus they have free shipping.......

    cranker Legal Moderator, Esq.

    Yeah that, is what I meant. Most importantly make sure you have a duel spectrum bulb or 2 bulbs like he said. Personally I do the first 12 days in a seperate place under a 13W cfl so I can control their stretch (12 days being the amount of food they usually have just from the seed), I have a simple little box made to do it with those lil bugger cfl's on hinged sockets so I can slow grow them to about 3-5 inches early on. A 13W cfl 5500 is like 3 bucks or less so I just use those. Seem to work pretty well, but it's entirely a personal choice.

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