Random lighting thought.

Example PPFD numbers:
Veg 300 PPFD
Flower 600 PPFD

From what I've been reading, PPFD during flower should be increased when compared to veg. Is intensity increased to maintain a similar DLI as veg but with a shorter photo period to promote flowering? With a shorter, more intense photo period the plants will basically receive the same total photons as with a longer less intense light cycle. If we were to give our plants the same higher PPFD for Veg as we did for Flower would photo saturation occur?

Just random thought from my other hobby of reef aquariums. The 300 and 600 PPFD numbers are not exact, just examples to try and grasp what im thinking.
Would like to hear your thoughts.


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Ive always run hps lights in my grows & nearly always have had near top of the scale results. Ive always run my ballasts at full output (but not over full output my digital ballasts can be set to). So in my thinking is, as soon as they’re ready to come out of the clone box, put their big girl pants on & send them all the photons you have to offer whenever they are on offer. From a manageable distance of course