Raw nutrient salts

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    Going to be building a 200 plant site aero cloner out of 2 hydro farm 4 x 8 grow troughs. It's going to be awesome. Stay tuned... I'll put the photos up tonight when I'm done.

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    IMG_0539.JPG IMG_0542.JPG IMG_0551.JPG IMG_0553.JPG IMG_0555.JPG Should be done in the wee hours tonight.

    JmanJtight Active Member

    2 4x8!hydrofarm grow beds powered by a 50 psi pressure pump. One bed to collect drain and another to sit on top and house the plants

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    I am curious t see how RAW works for you. Been interested in it for awhile. I have grown successfully with Hydroponic Veg + Bloom dry nutrient

    Not a fan of lpa (most run it 24/7 or 15 minutes on), but if you put it on a deep cycle timer one minute on/5-10 minutes off, you should do well
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    I used RAW for 1 grow, it was ok. Expensive! Switched to Jacks 3-2-1. Cheaper and just as effective. IMO.
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