Rootmaker yet another Gizmo to improving ur roots

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    Pictured on the left is a root without the benefit of air-root-pruning. On the right, a root that has

    been air-root-pruned in the RootMaker®II container. (is a tree seed)

    Air pots still have a nervy edge to many RIU growers...claiming mostly they dry out too quick

    so not used much in Ca Nv or even any desert conditions

    These guys tho use the Air pruning of the pots to actually increase root yield by air pruning the Tap Root

    allowing the other roots attached to the tap root to flourish out horizontally

    creating a close bushy 'root system' see below:

    This 6-inch caliper bur oak was grown with the Whitcomb System® and is 6 years old

    Notice root branching in all directions. After 3 months in the RootMaker® propagation container,

    and 2.5 years of constriction-pruning in the knit fabric container, this oak was transplanted

    and grown for 3 years with the fabric removed.

    The only mechanical root cutting was by a 52" tree spade at harvest.

    I'm not advocating that members should part with their hard earned cash...

    but a test on air pruning the tap root of a spare seedling is no bother

    and could prove beneficial as they say bigger roots equal bigger plant = bigger ...

    more here:

    good luck

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    Witchcraft i say bongsmilie
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    budman111 Well-Known Member

    The same method can be done with wire mesh or grill from a fridge and rockwool cubes to airprune the roots and is highly recommended for a huge root system.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I have a thread on it currently
    Called 4 inches is all girls need

    Thats the info i was talking about @vostok :)
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    This is how im running my experiments with it:)

    Though im tempted to buy the root maker trays and rockwool croutons if its successful to see if they are better
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    vostok Well-Known Member

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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Give us more....! please
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Why buy them when you can snip the tap root at pot that not the same thing?

    I'm gonna give it a go on the morn. on a couple of auto seedlings as a test

    strange: we will grow the most excellent weed in the world as the price $/oz crashes
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    budman111 Well-Known Member

    In short, the roots hits the air when it reaches the bottom of the rockwool cube and so keeps generating new root branching system from an ever increasing rootball and as rockwool holds water like nothing else it can go days without needing watered again, and even at that it's a quick dip in water/nutrients for a few seconds every few days and by the time you go to put it in your preferred medium, be it Hydro/soil you have as good a root system as the plant could get and get massive roots, my NFT tray is like a thick chunky carpet at harvest time, no root boosters, nothing. :bigjoint:.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Sounds like exactly what i was hoping to hear awsome lol.

    Yep ill keep updating my thread every week with root porn
    Please check it out @budman111 :)
    Im going with a hybrid nft system.

    Meniscus membrane flood and drain /nft
    Plan is to keep the seedlings airpruning for as long as i can before they start drying in minutes lol.
    Then im going to transfer to my rdwc and my new meniscus set up once i build.

    @vostok thanks buddy

    But like i said im tech retarded lol. You actually gave them some info that makes it sound not so crazy.
    As i have a few doubters in my thread lol.

    But a guy cant deny whats laid out infront of him with the work Dr. Whitcomb has done

    Cause i sure wouldnt have thought of it
    After the years of reading HOW IMPORTANT THE TAP ROOT IS AND WE SHOULD NEVER HURT IT LOL (not yelling)

    Hope to hear from you both

    Keep us posted @vostok on your experiments as well!
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    budman111 Well-Known Member

    No probs mate, without question air pruning gives a far superior root system, any questions just fire away, I would also advise you to top your plants too if you don't already do it.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I havent yet .
    I really have never topped when they are so young do you think they are ready?

    Id like to try uncle bens mainline techniques.

    Never really tried the mainline thing yet i just grew em big and crammed a net on them lol (basically)

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    I top as soon as I can, when you air prune them they have a big enough root system to top as early as possible, pretty much when you see the 3rd node you have sufficient enough roots.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member


    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Actually i kinda answered this in my thread
    Im pretty sure while watching the dr.s video

    He said the stopping of the tap root at 4 inches was crucial.
    And im paraphrasing here But.

    From what i understand the tap root when severd
    Branches out to reform the taproot .

    He says its at this point that the change must be made becasue he said if you snip the root its not the same as it dying off ..
    he was pretty adamant about not being able to hack the tap off and go .

    Whether its due to some hormonal change or what i cant remember .... but i know he said if it gets past the stage at a seedling its done for as far as getting the same results.

    Sometimes i wish i was more educated so i could better articulate his work

    Please dont.take my ramblings for his explanations :) but thats the jist of it
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Root pots gain more validity with trees that are prone to girdling themselves to death in pots. I didnt see they made much difference to weed. Fuck others swear by them...

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    This isnt really for long term it is to get an explosion of roots when transplanted into the final system :)

    Did you try them any pics?

    Odin* Well-Known Member

    Go ahead, intentionally fuck up your roots.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I will :)

    Of course if you can point a Meer mortal like myself to evidence showing that id be for ever greatful

    If not.... well thats why the gods are forgotten

    Seriously if you can link somthing to prove this i will stop my experiments.

    But ill be hard pressed to take a forums word over a guy whos done it
    and DOCUMENTED it words dont.mean much to me as hundreds of hours of work that are documented :)

    Hopefully theres no thunder out :sleep:
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Were I live, and the storms we get. That sum bitch would land on your house in a flat ass minute! That tap root (in nature) is there for a reason. The spread off that tap is also a big part of that anchor it helps form. The tap, also allows for better survival rates during drought - The tap hits deep water, unavailable to root systems like the above.

    How cute it is that humans figure out how to do things faster. Shortcuts have their problems. Things should be thought out. Limiting a tree's ability to set a tap root. Is asking for problems.
    Different soil conditions do figure into root ball structure. Some trees don't so much set a "tap" but, spread from it faster.

    Nature has reasons for things. Setting a tap root is a part of survival in tough times. While indoors and in a pot, that tap isn't quite as important and that clones don't naturally set tap roots (they flow out from the cutting vs. sending a single main down.)

    Umbrella effect, fast dry out, and wasted nutrient (soil wise too). Told me by testing, that "air pots" weren't for me. More O2 to the roots? Water less, more often!

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