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Hey all. Gonna get started on another grow while my current tent finishes up. Got a tent full of PH burned ladies limping along to the finish line (Ask me why you should never accidentally recalibrate your PH pen WAY OFF and not notice for 2 weeks). Caught them in time and will get a yield, if not a great one: 2 Lemon Diesel, 1 anesthesia, and 1 northern lights. Lemon Diesel the bigger comes down Monday. Can't wait. I don't think I would have been able to pull these ladies back last grow, always getting better hah...

ANYWHO! My new grow has started, hoping to keep improving. Chat with me, I am bored. it's 2020. lol

2x Grapefruit Kush(Pacific), 2x Trainwreck (ILGM), 2x LSD(ILGM)! I will cut it down to 5 plants once I get to my height limit. I let myself believe the placebo of soaking seeds in water for 24 hours before dropping straight into the medium. They went into the coco 12/12, both LSD took an extra day compared to the other seeds to sprout, but 6 for 6 on these seeds, so for day 4 or so of the grow, all good:20201216_104248[1].jpg

-Seedlings are in my older 4x2x5 under an sf1000. They'll move into a 4x3x6 under a Viparspectra p2500 pro series. I will probably also move the veg SF1000 in there as well, more light is always better!
-I am going to continue using the General Hydroponics trio. I have had to lower the micro dose from 10ml per gallon down to about 7, and the Nitrogen from 5 to 2 or 3ml in flower to keep tip burn at bay the last 2 grows for all strains, so I am going to guess GH just runs a little stronger than necessary.
-I bought 2 cheap bricks of mother earth coco on black friday for 17 bucks, seedlings are starting in that plus 30ish percent perlite. I love coco so far. I have had way less trouble feeling out how much water the pots need. And they'll go from their solo cups to 5 gallon cloth pots once they get bigger.

The other stuff I have in the tent are 2 turboforce honeywell floor fans (I hang one up by a hook, floor fan shmoor fan), 2 cheap 4 inch vivosun exhaust fans, and a 3 pint dehuey.

Fairly cheap, reasonably effective, hope to have some fine looking ladies in a few weeks! Stay green, beans! bongsmilie


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Lovely little ladies are all praying to their false sun God like good girls. LSDs are catching up to their slightly older siblings. 20201219_080729.jpg

Solution going into the coco every morning is 1 ml each of GH Flora, micro, bloom, and 5 ml calimagic per gallon of water. PH'd to 6 +/- .5 depending on the day. Shouldn't need more than that for a week.

Early veg and late flower are cruise control city. Tell your plants they're pretty today! :]
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Oops, cooked a gfk seedling by leaving water on its leaves, she'll be fine.20201221_113817.jpg

And I have hanged for her crimes one Lemon Diesel. She will be unhooked and jarred in a few weeks. I did do a quick trim and clean of the dead fan leaves after the pic, don't worry!
The ph issue is going to have an effect on the yield, but I am happy. No white pistils left, even on the larf. I have no clue, but I would guess 3 or so zips. Flower time Oct 12 to dec 21, so 10 weeks.

Hope your haze keeps you high! :bigjoint:


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It honestly looks like each seedling had started a slight calmag deficiency despite my adding 2.5 ml per gallon to the feed. Upped to full strength and everyone is back to growing green leaves. Only the one GFK had serious issues, and she is still growing just fine, the first two sets of leaves will die sooner than on everyone else, but her next set is coming in clean and clear. The smallest LSD is growing out of her slightly kinky leaves as well. 20201229_082620.jpg

Northern lights came down, Lemon diesel 1 is slow drying in bags, Anesthesia comes down tomorrow, LD2 will come down monday, finishing the flower tent and making room for the seedlings to be transplanted to final homes as soon as Wednesday, after a good clean.20201225_134414.jpg20201221_143630.jpg

Rip 'em chunky this day :joint:


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Phew, alright. Anesthesia has been hanged and stripped for the crime of smelling way too good. She is going to be my special occasion shit. Smallest yield of the 4 from her grow, but by far the nicest smell and test bud smoke.20201230_104648.jpg20201230_112438.jpg

Northern lights is half trimmed and in paper bags, left the wetter stuff to hang another day or 2.

The biggest grapefruit kush from my new grow has cemented herself into the final 5. She had 2 inch long roots out of the bottom of her solo this morning and was looking a bit crowded. She is in her new 5 gallon home to recover from the claustrophobia. 20201230_114015.jpg

Everyone else is looking good. I assumed I was going to toss the second gfk because of the burn mistake, but she is already starting to peek a few roots out of her cup and still growing as vigorously as her twin. I think she's a keep. I think either of the LSD are more likely to get the axe.

Who would you guys toss? GFK 1 is no longer an option :]20201230_133456.jpg

Happy almost new year. Smoke one for me!


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Probably transplanting this Trainwreck tonight, 20210101_080115.jpg

and the second GFK is in her new home:20210101_080050.jpg

GFK 1 has recovered from her claustrophobic confines and is perking up, everyone else looks good, roots beginning to peek. I have one more Lemon Diesel coming down Monday and then I can get the seedlings to their bigger tent under their final light.

Gonna give whichever of the LSDs is healthiest to a friend later in the week to get rid of the 6th seedling so I can keep it legal. I will probably up pot the give away LSD to a 1 gallon to keep her from having issues while I wait for him to pick her up. The receiver is a newer grower and I don't want him to have to deal with the panic of looking at the whirly funky leaves of my runtier seed and wondering if it's his fault. I am confident I will be able to grow her out of it. She isn't really any slower than the others, just ugly. A few of her leaves are missing the tips and a little curly. Each new set gets more normal. The first grow with LSD was the same. Each plant was curly and odd for the first few nodes, so this doesn't concern me. and I know the smoke that's coming :D

HAPPY FUCKING 2021! PLEASE GET HIGH AND STAY THAT WAY FOR ME ALL DAY! Good riddance to 2020, and when you pour one out for her, make sure to kick some dirt over it. :weed:


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Upped the nutrient solution for everyone to 3 ml per gallon of GH flora, micro, bloom, 5 ml caimagic, and chicago tap water makes me add a little ph down. Everyone has been rehomed. The second LSD is outta here, new home secured, and gonna hopefully teach her owner how to keep her healthy til harvest.20210102_080732.jpg

Coot root <3 20210102_075448.jpg

Bowls are meant for smoking!


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Lemon Diesel 2 is dead and hanging.20210104_081153.jpg20210104_091203.jpg

Both GFK and both trainwreck are in their 4x3 under the Viparspectra 2500 after I cleaned it out with peroxide, then water and letting it dry. I'm leaving the LSD under the SF1000 in the 4x2 to give everyone some more room. Need to remember to go pick up a few more feet of 4" ducting and then both tents have all they need.



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Whelp, the person I gave the LSDs twin to is having a rough time getting into growing. I give her another week before she is a twig in a trash can.

My ladies are doing pretty great. Loving their progress. I upped the feed to 3mls of grow, micro, bloom, still 5ml calmag, and a tiny drop of ph down per gallon at this point. Getting almost too light green on the 2 grapefruit kush. Might just bump them up to 5 in a few days if those lower leaves keep trying to turn yellow.


Lsd in her own

Did I mention they were all 5 topped at the 4th node a few days ago? Well, it is so!

Happy new year. Enjoy the silence on Twitter for a bit :]



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Looking good. Fuck I Missed the topping on one trainwreck. She's already got a third leg growing down in there ;]
20210112_101636.jpg <-Tw. 20210112_101641.jpg<-GFK

5 flora, 5 micro, 5 grow, 5 calmag. The bigger 4 have all just started to yellow on their first sets of true leaves, so probably just going to be creeping up the grow feed by a ml or 2 a week until they start tip burn.

My favorite slightly burned GFK girl 4 days apart:

LSD being weird and bushy, and an independent lady:20210111_153919.jpg20210111_153801.jpg

She was pushing herself up and over by her tap root since transplant, so I pretty forcefully compressed her roots then added a little more coco. She is growing straight again the past 2 days. Next picture of her will show the new and improved straightened stalk. That one leaf is so gross and bubbly and I love it!

Peace, kief, and greasy eats! :weed:


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Oops, poor lsd lost a branch from the top! I have it supported, might recover. Either way, she is doing great on her own. The duct tape isn't taped to her, just the brace :] and her twin is still alive across the city and also doing well. 20210119_115251.jpg

The trainwreck that has been fimmed is really thicc, she's supposed to be a sativa, kinda worried about the explosion in flower... maybe I just got a short indica pheno20210117_105214.jpg

Chugga chugga, tent smells like dank after all the stem rubbing from pinning branches20210119_100008.jpg

I was so lazy with the trimming on the fluffy leafy anesthesia plant I grew last time, the leaves don't seem to be hurting the fruity pebbles flavor.



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Alright, this bushy tent of 4 gets flipped in a week unless someone can convince me otherwise. They're all 6 weeks from seed this week, looking healthy. 20210123_075932.jpg20210122_080703.jpg
I have been taking big leaves here and there, but bush gonna bush, apparently...

LSD is nice and trainable, so she looks a little less wild. Did lose the little branch, oh well.20210122_080201.jpg20210121_093231.jpg
Plenty of space to let her just go do her thing, I have a blurple I can add to the tent in flower if she explodes in the next month or so.

Smoke up :]


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Gleepzorp Fellow Humans!
Working on slowly lowering the nitrogen tox on the GFKs I pushed them a little hard, but the claw is almost gone! But since I flipped the timer last night I am just going to try adjusting on the fly and hope they keep recovering. I am getting concerned about light height and crowding, so always best to flip early than deal with plants that are way too tall. Checked my PH pen calibration 3 times this week... Nervous twitch from last grow. DO NOT LET ANYONE TOUCH YOUR PH PEN!
Day 1 Flower:
Trainwreck->20210126_095046.jpg <-GFK20210126_095029.jpg

LSD Is taking twice the nutrients as the GFKs were without slowing down. She's getting dark, not gonna bump up the feed till she yellows, or until I flip her.

Interested to see how much more yield I get out of a plant with a week or 2 more veg on it. I usually flip all my plants at the same time. I wish I had 2 of the same light to really test it on! When I expand, something to think about...

Blasting off at the speed of a bong rip! bongsmilie


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Whelp, the ladies have begun to expand and stretch for flower. I am leaving the light as low as possible until I see minor stress, see if that helps keep them a bit shorter. I have plenty of vertical space still, just seeing what abuse I can get away with. 20210130_095018.jpg20210130_095031.jpg
I see and am addressing the minor P tox on the smallest Trainwreck.

LSD is my sweet child. She looks great! Another week at least. I want her to be beefy. I grew her for my first successful grow and I wanna prove to myself I have gotten better.
20210130_092409.jpg20210130_092404.jpg I snapped this chonky branch at some point, probably a week or 2 ago and never noticed. It doesn't look infected, but it sure is only hanging on by the comically tiniest bit of material. I guess I will leave it attached and see if it grows a more substantial knuckle. If not I will support it with a yoyo before flower starts so it can try and stay connected.

Cruising through space on a stinky blue marble, and feeling far out :bigjoint:


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LSD's owner on the other side of the city flipped his plant yesterday, so I am flipping mine with him to have something to compare to while we flower. I think the extra week of veg is still going to have her bigger than the others in the end.
Here she is yesterday evening:

Big tent had some droop and spots on the GFK side overnight yesterday. Pots were also dry as a bone pretty deep. Added some Epsom to the feed to bump up the mag and stop the spots(thanks person who helped me in a diff thread), and now watering twice a day. She is perky again. Did some janky canopy management as well. Trainwrecks just needed a booster seat :)
Beginning week 2 of flower:

The gas in my tank is lemon diesel. Beeeeeeeep :weed:


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Flowering is so big and stretchy! I love the way everyone gets springy, then starts to thicken. Stem/trunk pics once stretch slows down in a week and they get some lower trimming.
Having trouble keeping this damn GFK fed. She needs another feeding throughout the day but during work I can't make it happen.
LSD is off like a rocket. She is a stinky lil number;] I am definitely upgrading to a larger SF when I get my 4x4. Vipar 2500 can be my backup/veg room light.



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Alright! Everyone's doing okay. GFK seems better with twice a day feedings for a bit. Minor tip burn from pushing nutes. And a few wind/light burns. Lifted lights and adjusted fans. Took some leaves off the 4 big girls in week 3.
Few days ago ^ Recovering from haircut today v

LSD gets her haircut next week. She is lovely :]
Grumpy about this short ass trainwreck situation... Maybe I will try gold leaf or pineapple Express next time. Or maybe the other 8 beans in the pack will be different... Nice and branchy though, gonna get dense in there. Flowering fan added.



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Lol, totally forgot to check this branch on the lsd until this evening. It feels sturdy... it's nice and thick. Damn thing must be getting fed through the knuckle underneath. Once it gets any amount of weight to the bud I will pop a yoyo on it, but for now its growing strong. Tying it up might make it lazy...?


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Baby buds ahoy! GFK the taller gets her supercrop card in a few days once she finishes the last of her stretch. Trainwrecks are flipping tiny and adorable. My lemon diesel from last grow was a 2.5 ounce plant despite only being 16 inches, so hopefully they are at least dense as hell...

LSD is juuust about on par with everyone else, she was more mature on flip, so she's starting to flower faster. Fine by me. Still stinky :]

Byeee! :joint::joint:



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Chugging along! LSD is happy. Hasn't gotten much taller now, think she's happy and at altitude now.

Big tent has some height differences, gonna list the light up a few inches in the morning to keep the Lankier gfk from burning too much.

Pizza time, gtg!