running seeds vs keepers and clones

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    doniawon Well-Known Member

    I'm curious of everyone/anyones thoughts on running seeds only and not keeping keeper moms.

    I currently have 16 keepers, I love them all, but now with the breeder exsplosion and great stuff everywhere, I figure why not dump the keepers n grow more seeds?

    On the other hand, I could not run seeds and just run my current stock.

    In the 'old days' the latter would b the obvious choice but 'now days' I'm not so sure.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I run no seeds, just clones. I don't keep moms either, I just take cuts when I train them. No long waits while they germ n grow, no males, no broken strains, no bad phenos, NO HERMS. Total consistency so changes in the rest of the op can be better controlled and quantified.

    As far as variety goes, I am very fortunate to have people offer me clones of their favorites all the time- I'd have hundreds if I accepted them all! Many of these are expertly hunted prime genos of their strain, others are just personal favorites and standouts.

    I really don't feel like I'm lacking for diversity, performance or modernity in my stable of genetics.

    MoMoGrows Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't worry about running seeds cuz of possibly having to change your set up. Sounds like you probably have the cloning down pretty good. I would stick with that as it saves a couple weeks of grow time. If you want new strains, get clones from other people. That way you can prob look at their mother plant and have guaranteed females.

    Are you in a weed legal state, WA or CO or wherever? Can buy clones here in WA from shops.
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    elkamino Well-Known Member

    16 keepers = first world problem lol.

    Your dilemma is interesting especially with those concerned about plant counts, I;m guessing that's not your issue tho... :joint:

    I mean I'm only a personal use grower so the situation's different but I sure struggle with this. I live in AK and not in any kinda loop for getting clones, so I always just bought seeds. Well that's an addiction so I've got more beans than I could ever run. I've been running Bodhi, TGA, In House, La Plata etc and damn near 75% of what I run is fire. Even as a 1-light guy that's plenty to keep the jars full.

    So anymore I never even fuss with cloning, or cry over a seed that fails to germ, I just pop another. So what right? The next bean'll be fire. In my experience (maybe 70 beans over 8 years) there's so many killer seed companies out there cranking out so many great hybrids that I can always just keep popping, and finding great new stuff. :weed:

    If growing was my profession I think i'd enjoy doing the same, just clone everything along the way in case that extra perfect plant comes along, then run that. But I do enjoy the anticipation and not knowing that comes with running seeds. :bigjoint:

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    The only advice I don't agree with here is getting clones from dispensaries; they'll share only their shit phenos... but they'll happily share all their bugs and diseases!

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Run a couple packs of seeds and find some plants you want to keep then run clones, running only seeds is too random for my liking and you don't get to keep the ones you like. Also like this poster said, stay away from dispensaries.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Sounds like it works out well for you, even if it isn't how I do things it clearly meets your needs and provides for some fun! Win!
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    doniawon Well-Known Member

    Great fuggin answer.
    N yes im med with 2 cancer patients and 3 family members cards. Im legal for 48 with two cards not includine mine or my wifes..but..thats not important here lol

    vostok Well-Known Member

    I think all experienced growers go thru this

    for years I've been making seeds

    trying my own strains, hoping for value or improvement

    but yeah you gotta look over the fence

    and see what the big boys are doing

    my last seed purchase was 'bomb auto at 25% thc ;loll

    and good value to a photomorphic grower lol

    I may visit the Dutchman again maybe when thc hits 45%

    meanwhile its clone..seed...clone

    good luck

    GrowGorilla Well-Known Member

    Clone is good to run in a SOG grow. I prefer popping seeds personally though.
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    Paraplant Active Member

    Are autos any different to root than the 12/12 flowering types?(i forget the term phototrophic?) No, that's not it...anyways I've little experience w autos. How bout Lst, fim, etc? Sry, i don't mean to hijack the thread. ☺

    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    Seed junkie here :)

    Too much variety to stop. You wanna hold onto my keepers for me also :bigjoint:

    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    Clones are way easier, for sure.

    But dont shun the seeds. Do a seed run once in a while on your favourite strains. With all the chucking that is going on shit is getting homogendized as hell. Also, as corporations move into the game, and they are, you will see seed supply suddenly be restricted, as intellectual property. Notice that fem seeds are gaining ground fast? It is starting... when Monsanto/Bayer get in the game watch the game change so fast itll make your head spin.

    Hoard seed. Do it.

    Growdict Well-Known Member

    with 16 keepers, you must have a few that are the last to smoke. drop a couple of strains each run so you can start some new seeds. that way you always have a dozen of your tried and true and a few each round that are new and shiny.
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    doniawon Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reply, I've set up a tent with a couple males. I think instead of keeping clones, I'm going to donate plants to making seeds n try to keep my genetics in the fridge.
    For every keeper I have I see a million better daily on ig etc.
    You're correct games changing fast and its gonna get more flooded, fuck the gmo stuff tho.. but its coming
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    Growdict Well-Known Member

    ok, but bear in mind. carefully pollinating one lower sucker branch can produce 20 seeds easy.. no need for 1000 seeds and sacrifice your whole crop production

    DG1959 Well-Known Member

    Hear you , I don't hold onto any particular plant.... kind of looking for that holy grail I guess.... sure there were some that I should have but life is short.

    Paraplant Active Member

    A polite decline or even a curt one ie. "don't be so lazy and look it up for yourself, it's all over the internet" or "wrong thread chief try over there" is better than being ignored. I do realize some don't care for the impression they leave on others. Personally I'm used to it but I see how a person could get the wrong idea regarding the inhabitants of RUI. (relatively speaking) That would be unfortunate.... Unless the majority of members really don't care? Highly doubtful imo, thank you.

    elkamino Well-Known Member

    You expected us to have typed out shit that you just... typed... out? :dunce:

    Please note that this thread is called running seeds vs keepers and clones, under the subhead "Advanced Marijuana Cultivation." Its actually a fairly uncommon discussion, and a useful one that I was enjoying, altho there is some off-topic clutter about autos and training in it now.

    There are many existing threads discussing your topics, and yes the search function works.

    However, if you still butt hurt and want someone to type it out for you, let me try:

    That's really good advice @Paraplant has offered here, I recommend you take it. :eyesmoke:

    Growdict Well-Known Member

    Are you asking if auto seeds root differently than photo seeds? Since youcant really clone an auto,i assume this is your question. Nope, they root the same

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