See How The Government Is Spending Our Money

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    Only if you want to spend the rest of your life in Jail..... for 1 small bud.
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    Saw something funny in my psych book that I thought people would get a kick out of. Apparently Marijuana is a substance, and it's derived from the "cannabis sativa" plant. It can also cause hallucinations and can cause nausea and vomiting.

    I learn something new every day...

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    according to my school books marijuana is addictive.
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    haha, don't get me wrong I love blazing a bowl. But I don't get the shakes if someone bogards my joint. It's just depressing to see the amount of people that are completely fine accepting the "fact" that marijuana is a dangerous drug.

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    well the system uses us im using the system hahahahahaha...


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    No dude, thats bullshit. The Tea Party is more aligned with the foundation this country was built upon and protecting our inherent rights, and keeping Govt out of private citizens affairs. Ever hear Dr. Ron Paul's take on cannabis? He's about as Tea Party as they come. His son echoes his stance on the cannabis issue as well. Personally I'd prob vote for Cruz over Rand though. At least the Dems will lose tomorrow. I'll be lighting one up to celebrate :blsmoke:
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    Yeah, there are some seriously shitty choices for candidates where I'm at. However, the candidate that is in most support of pot has some seriously fucked political ads. Basically his adds catered only to the young populace and said "vote for x candidate, he'll let you smoke pot". Never mind the fact he would do a complete 180 with the direction of our state. Either way, I'm still going to vote for him.

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    Ahahahahahahahaha. I was as naive as you as well, my friend. voted for him the first time with great hope. The second time around, I still assumed he was the better option.

    Now I can't stop watching videos saying he's the antichrist. Talk about wasting money, hell he has spent more than all our passed presidents combined.

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    You are just another one of their pawns, the tea party is aligned with the Koch brothers...not that foundation and inherent rights bullshit! All the Koch brothers care about is keeping their money away from the tax man. If persuading rednecks that a black man wants theirs guns and money is going to help their cause, they will fund it.
    B.T.W. Ted Cruz is a sad clown!
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    I still think he was the best option, if McCain was there, America would be at war in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and fighting Russians in Ukraine.

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    This post is from waay old and the clock not in existance anymore it would seem.
    You think it maybe time to take it off sticky so we don't waste time we couldhave spent growing? :bigjoint:

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    Spending the money mainly on :fire: Israel :finger: -> :peace: free Palestine :peace:

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    I hope when its legal everywhere we still have some decent genetics!

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    Voting doesn't work folks.....sorry to inform you. Pull that lever all you like, and the system does not change. Seriously....what good is voting, when the candidates are pre-selected by the forces of evil, and the voting machines are owned and operated by the same folks?

    You want real change? Take action. Let's overgrow the planet.

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    Not that i want to ho into political stuff i just never understood why muslims feel its "their palestine" really if you look at stuff that went on in THAT old ages, many have a claim to "palestine" ;)
    But stuff that happened before the birth of christ kinda doesnt apply today :-P
    It's Israel now and thats how its gonna b why cant u just settle with that? But noo muslims cant settle with anythin untill the whole world bows down to THEIR god :-/

    willstown Member

    Listmann, why do you feel that the place you live is "yours"?

    After all, weren't there some natives living there for thousands of years, before your people came along? What happened to those people?

    If some people from across the world suddenly moved into your neighborhood in vast numbers and started pushing you around, taking your land and resources from you and herding you into "reservations", would you still be confused then as to what the big deal is?

    A person is always wrong to move into another person's land and take their belongings by force. The Israelis continue to oppress, loot, rape, rob, and yes, straight up murder Palestinians to this very day. And no, they feel no remorse about it whatsoever. Seriously--not the slightest bit. Their religion teaches that they are the greatest and best people on Earth, "God's chosen", and that all other people (goyim) are inferior, sub-human, and are destined to be their slaves. That is what Zionism believes, and it's Serious Business to them.

    Which is why Zionists control ALL major news organizations in the Western world, and which is why they always tell you the poor sad "Jewish" side of the story--you know, the million sad little violins about how Jews are always being oppressed by everyone in the world for no reason whatsoever, and equating themselves with all Jews, which they are NOT--but you never do hear a peep from the Palestinians whose sons, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, are basically genocided on a regular basis....unless you dig into alternative news sources...and then you're called a crazy anti-semite conspiracy theorist, demonized, and shunned.

    Israel is the most militarized, and most callous, self-absorbed, oppressive nation on this planet. Which is why they're headed for destruction, yet again.
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    willstown: Great guy!

    Imagine, your government employs high-grade government officials (Congressman, Senators, Representatives) who hold a dual-citizenship (US/Israeli). Are you supposed to run a government if you are affiliated with a different foreign country? Does it make sense to say, that for these religion-fanatic people, their religious home (Israel) means to them less than the US? Of course not - all the interests are secured for Israel.

    Why do you think Israel has never fought a war in the Middle East? Except on the poor and demilitarized stone-throwing and new-year-grade-rockets launching palestinians. Israel is the cause for all the wars especially in the Middle East. The executor of the wars, the US, is just a puppet to play the game. Your soldiers were blatantly used for games of cruel motherfuckers who think they own the world.

    In addition, all the media and banking conglomerates are owned by zionists as well. Not to forget weaponry and oil. And of course food & pharms. Give them slaves GMO's & pesticides so they get sicker and swallow more medicine. They basically own us.

    9/11 was an inside job to justify the most expensive war of all times and create instability in Middle East. Al-Qaeda and ISIS are run by the US/Israeli/Saudi secret mechanisms. À la: let them arabs kill themselves.

    Who profits? OK, Oil for sure, Weaponry indeed, Banking in every game - and media promotes global bullshit propaganda. I have actually talked so many times about it.. getting sick of this shit. Seems unstoppable.

    btw.. Ebola is patented by the CDC..?!

    Folks, do some research please. I have given enough kewords for you to make a google search and go topic by topic. Nothing is a conspiracy here. All facts are in front of you, just need to connect the dots.

    This video says it all...

    Very unhealthy situation we're in guys. No anti-semitic statements or thoughts here, just as stupid as it seems. Trust me, the world is lost to some dangerous folks. These folks could stop global poverty out of their petty cash.
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    They call us anti-Semites and try to act like we're against all Jews. This couldn't be further from the truth. There are many millions of Jews around the world who oppose Zionism, and who believe that Jews are not supposed to return to the Holy Land until the Messiah comes and leads them there, according to their Scripture. Those people are oppressed and silenced too.

    Another thing you will never hear from any "official" sources is that the Zionists aren't actually Hebrew. They are of central Asian origin. Some of their distant ancestors probably were Hebrew, but after the destruction of Jerusalem and dispersal of the Hebrew people into various directions, some of these folks traveled north into the mountain regions and ended up intermixing with peoples who lived up there, including Norse (Viking) peoples, and they formed the Khazarian Empire which ruled that region for hundreds of years. At some point after enough Hebrew genes had taken over the population, this empire converted over to Judaism as their official religion. They were known as the "red haired Jews."

    After the dissolution of this empire, its people traveled both east and west, into what is now Russia and Europe. In Russia they became the Bolsheviks (Lenin, Trotsky, etc were all Jews), who overthrew the Russian aristocracy and implemented their twisted version of "communism", and tried to do the same in places like the kingdom of Austria-Hungary too....which influenced a young man named Adolf Hitler, who had nothing against Jews or anyone else until he saw that they controlled all the newspapers and used them to spread lies and slander their enemies, solely for their own selfish purposes.

    His mistake was adopting the same tactics, thus becoming just as evil, rather than choosing a more righteous path. But he was in fact on to something, and there was a good reason Germans were so easily persuaded to blame Jews....for the same reason that Jews already had a long history of being despised in Europe...because they were pulling the strings behind a lot of evil goings-on in Austria and Germany and everywhere else, too. They have historically controlled all the banking institutions, all the newspapers, anything of any significance, because they specifically seek out control over these things so they can use them to their own advantage, at the expense of everyone else.

    I know how it sounds, to folks who don't research such things. People really do need to put their skepticism aside and start reading up. It will open your eyes big time. Everything we were taught, about everything, was a lie.


    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this earth. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our worldly wise kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” ― Israel's first Prime Minister, and Nobel "Peace" Prize recipient Menachem Begin


    "Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.”

    -- Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, October 18, 2010, during his weekly Saturday night sermon. This remark was greeted by laughter from the audience. "Effendi" means royalty. 880,000 people attended his funeral, including many elected and unelected US policy makers, as well as influential world leaders.


    “Actually—and this was where I began to feel seriously uncomfortable—some such divine claims underlay not just 'the occupation' but the whole idea of a separate state for Jews in Palestine. Take away the divine warrant for the Holy Land and where were you, and what were you? Just another land-thief like the Turks or the British, except that in this case you wanted the land without the people. And the original Zionist slogan—'a land without a people for a people without a land'—disclosed its own negation, when I saw the densely populated Arab towns dwelling sullenly under Jewish tutelage. You want irony? How about Jews becoming colonizers at just the moment when other Europeans had given up on the idea?” ― Christopher Hitchens


    “Of all the other people who have committed crimes, the Jews are the only ones who have boasted about committing them. They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” ― Lettres de Memmius a Cicéron (1771)


    “We are disturbed about the effect of the Jewish influence in our press, radio and motion pictures. It may become very serious. Fulton Lewis told us of one instance where the Jewish advertising firms threatened to remove all their advertising from the Mutual system if a certain feature were permitted to go on the air. The threat was powerful enough to have the feature removed.” ― Charles Lindbergh


    “The Jews work more effectively against us than the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in. It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as a pest to society, and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.” ― George Washington


    “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within the state; and when opposed, have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.

    “For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But gentlemen, were the world to give it to them outright, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires...and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves; they must subsist on Christians, and other people not of their race.

    “If you do not exclude them from these United States, in our Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance, and jeopardized our liberty. If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.

    “Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatics; let them be born where they will nor how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American's, and will not even though they live among us ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots. Jews are Asiatics, are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention.” ― Benjamin Franklin
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    God didn't make man equal but Samuel Colt did. The best cure for a superiority complex is a lead injection. When I see all the lousy Arabs living around me .... (and yes they do think they are their God's gift to mankind), I just kick back and reload some more bullets. Nothing like sitting at a table at a restaurant that serves lots of lamb and goat and say real loud: JUST A SEC, I HAVE TO TAKE A MOHAMMED. Replacing the words dump, take a shit, number two, with the word mohammed does a soul good.

    P.S. Same goes for Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Jews .....and any other group of people who think their belief system is flawless.
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