Seedlings dying after transfer to DWC

Germination went well roots protruding including air roots suspended about 2 inches above water in DWC buckets. Leaves are shriveling and plants are shrinking. Roots all still look really good. I have other seedlings in Coco the last pic is a comparison as it is doing well. Please help so I can save these little guys. First time DWC grower



I usually wait until they have a few nodes before moving to my buckets. Never had sucess moving with seedlings that small in DWC


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IMHO you moved them over a bit small. Try hand watering for a bit. I wouldn't move them to coco if you plan to do DWC.
at this age, i find that my seedlings kinda pause the up top growth while they spend more energy on the roots. once the roots get going, then you'll notice those leaves starting to get much bigger really quickly.

but yeah, you are drying them out right now with your temp and low RH
put clear cups on to dome them and got a small humidifier for the tent
I love water farms used them for years; it'll work great for you. I like @SnoopyDoo 's idea about hand watering for a bit until they setup.
I'm thinking about ditching the tent and just using the poles to hang lights and co2 bags and whatnot and just using the whole room. Temp and humidity would be a non issue. I have 12 htg bubble bros XL buckets didn't realize no rez with them so I bought the 8 site waterfarm planned on running the farm and 6 buckets in tent then all soil.and coco grows outside of tent in rest of room. Still torn on that even though the tents all setup
I think your problem is that you're not running your dripring 24/7.. I see only one picture where the hydroton was wet. Read this thread, every beginner Waterfarmer should just to get an ides of what a stand alone WF can do.. Pineapple Express G13 Lab's Seed to Harvest | Rollitup
This setup is straight DWC I have a waterfarm as well that I just setup but these pics were DWC and all plants made a full recovery doing well in early VEG