Seeds, pollen or both?

Green wiggler

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So i got some sts mixed up and I'm spraying it on my autos every 5 days. They were slow coming up but are about 5 weeks old and still not very big.
Next question, when this reverses the sex of my females, will I get seeds and pollen or just pollen?



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First you should only do 1 plant at a time unless you have separate rooms for them. You don't really need to spray the whole plant. You just need to spray a single branch. The branch you spray will start producing male pollen sacs. You can use that pollen if you like to "reverse" pollinate the rest of the plant you did not spray. This will create S1 seeds (very close copy of original plant) and create new X's of the rest of the plants you wish to pollinate.
If you continue with more than 1 plant you are just going to have a shit show of pollen flying around and won't really know what's what.