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    Western Winds (kali mist) in the front, Lemon Kush in the background :p

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    I'm honored to have been of some help bro :D I too like to know what to expect from my plants. That is why I like Sensi, who (among a few others) has their stuff down when it comes to quality seeds/genetics. I will never try Dutch Passion Or GHS because of the many negative reports I've read about their gear. I have no time for non-viable seeds or hermaphrodites. I'd LOVE to get my hands on some original FLO (or blue-velvet) from DJ Shorts lineup. Every seed bank I can trust is sold out of his gear. Anyway, glad to see your grow is looking so good bro :clap:. I'm about to go seed-shopping and going to be getting some Shiva Skunk (Sk#1 x NL#5). Heard nothing but good things about this strain, and am sold on it. Peace man, keep us updated :-)

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    DSCN0839.JPG Here's our current nuggetry. Old-school Hindu Kush in every aspect. Very leafy, but once you try it you will not be disappointed :joint: Very sticky, tasty, earthy smoke. We find it hard to finish a bowl in one sitting :peace:
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    I am growing Sensi Super Skunk as we speak, i am happy to read the positive reviews!

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    Great share, thx. Currently growing Northern Lights #5 x Haze from sensi seeds, am super excited. If it goes well I'll be curious to try their other stuff

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