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    jayww Member

    has anyone ordered from sensible

    just curious if items were recived and quality

    kmann666 Active Member

    I have visited that site before and would probably stick with the big boys like attitude or worldwide seeds I would trust any of the latter over sensible seeds, just my opinion though

    hydgrow Well-Known Member

    Cool keep us posted I wanted a grinder from them as well as some souvenirs:mrgreen:

    pbxtek Member

    I have a close friend that ordered diesel ryder, automatic ak47, automatic white russian and automatic ak47 X Automatic Hindu Kush F1's from sensible seeds. They were outstanding to deal with. The billing and shipping addresses were different so they verified to make sure nobody was ripped off and the seeds were safely shipped very quickly (6 days to location) and stealthily.bongsmilie

    When my friend got his order the free KC Brains seeds were not in the shipment but after an email he recieved an appology email and got the seeds a week later. Fantastic!

    He thought the service was excellent and will absolutely buy from them again. Perhaps some Sensi Star?

    Oh yeah, this was his first seed order since the Heavens Staircase days.:eyesmoke:

    duke23 Well-Known Member

    Damn six days are you in the us? I heard sometimes they take 3 weeks to a month?

    jayww Member

    Recieved seeds yestarday, ordered on the 2nd, also was a 10 pack of free kc brains northern lights special.
    so all together took 3 weeks.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Heaven’s Stairway ….. I still miss the place … that and the cBay auction that was connected to it.

    kmann666 Active Member

    so you did get the seeds and they are a good bank?
    I'm now very interested in the Willyjuana from Reefermans they have, its only like 15 british pounds which is pretty cheap. Not that I want the cheap and dirty, but Reeferman usually has good strains.

    bookredsox Member

    I ordered from sensible seeds on 9-17... I also ordered from attitude, as well as alien seeds (all same day). As we all know Attitude rocks!!! I only ordered a small amount from sensible and alien to "take one for the team". On 9-24 : attitude showed up AND to my surprise so did the sensible beans too!!! The stealth was not as good as Attitude, but the mailing charge is cheaper. I WILL use sensible again - they do have beans that Attitude does not carry! For what its worth, I would use Attitude if I was using a big order (due to their stealth), but I would not hesitate to send a sensible an order - you'll get your beans! I live in NY so it was one week for me to get my beans. Still waiting on alien seeds..... nothing today!

    duke23 Well-Known Member

    You got your beans in one week from sensible seeds but i guess their faster with small amounts than big but they do have a big selection ...

    crazydave270 Member

    i have 4 times they are great took 1 week to reach us they also have incrediable selection

    bookredsox Member

    The selection from sensible is great - pretty similar to Attitude, but they do have a few companies that Attitude does not carry - ie. Romulan, Northern Lights #5, and Grape God. I gave sensible a shot with a small order to see if they are legit. THEY ARE!!!

    I will be ordering from them again! for sure!!

    bookredsox Member

    Just a quick update - I finally got my beans from Alien seeds today - they were a bit better in the stealth than Sensible but not as stealthy as Attitude. Granted you have to pay a little more for the stealth with Attitude, but I am happy with all three companies.

    DMXAK47 Well-Known Member

    how did you guys pay for sensible seeds? i was thinking of giveing them a shot and if i pay cc what will my bill say? did they send thier seeds in breeder packs? do you guys know the promoint code?

    kmann666 Active Member

    I'm sorry sensible seeds seems to be a BIG BOY(good site)
    so I want to take back what I said about them not being a popular choice.

    LifeGiver Member

    I have ordered on 3 separate occasions from Sensible Seeds, and have received my order within 13-20 days. That's really quite good for overseas delivery.
    The charge on your credit card just says sensible group and then a long number.
    The packaging is crush proof and very ordinary looking.
    All seeds that I have received have been in sealed breeder packs.
    I have had correspondence with the sensible team and they are polite and professional.
    They also claim to have a price match guarantee, but I haven't asked about anything yet, even though I have found a couple items for a few bucks cheaper on other sites.
    I got a free 10 pack of regular KC Brains seeds with each order (over 25 pounds). Mine were Mango, Northern Lights Special, and Leda Uno.
    I would recommend ordering from sensible seeds.

    bookredsox Member

    When I order from seed companies - Attitude, Sensible seeds and Alien seeds I use a pre-paid gift card... I go to a Western Union and load a gift card. MAKE SURE THE CARD IS ELIGABLE FOR OVER SEA PURCHASES!!! Some cards are not eligiable. If they ask any question tell them its for an internet purchase and you dont trust the secrity of the site and dont want to use your own credit card - Only was asked once.. They usually cap the card at 500.00 or 400.00 and charge you a fee of like 5 bucks. Also they will charge like 5 bucks for the exchange ratio on the curency as well... The reason I use the gift card is quite simple - they don't ask any personal info!!! No name is on the card, no address, nothing!!! Very steath like...

    Most of the online seed banks take these cards - use the credit card option on the site and the gift card will work just like a credit card. The draw back to the gift card is the extra cost - about 10 bucks just to use the gift card route... For me the 10 bucks is worth the stealh of the card!!

    Given2fly Member

    I just ordered from and they arrived 3 weeks later. They sent me 10 fake nirvana seeds and 10 of their own freebies. The nirvana seeds were packaged in a cardboard souvenir container that said nirvana and almost looked like the real nirvana logo but on the back of the package was a website to, as we all know this is not the actual breeders website. The nirvana seeds are definitely bogus so I will assume the freebies are too. Really sucks as I just want to find some dank. I also tried marijuana seeds-nl and received them in 8 days but I have my doubts that these seeds are real after reading other grow reports. Most people seem to get plants that never bud from this place or are simply just industrial hemp. These are the only two banks that I've tried and I won't try anymore from overseas. By the time I add up my losses it would have been cheaper to fly to a more progressive state and purchase seeds face to face from a dispensary. This experience also makes me wonder about the numerous raving reviews from some of these overseas seed bankks. I mean are all u people full of shit or do these seed banks only send out real seeds to half of their US orders in order to generate some positive reviews. I know I was ripped off by them and will stick to bagseed while I search for a dispensary that I can get cheap flights to. By the way, I accidentally posted this under the original sensible seeds thread so I copied and pasted to move it over here.

    avnewb Well-Known Member

    This is a bunch of bullshit.
    Seriously, new member with only two post that both bash SS?

    I as well as others as seen above have ordered from here and gotten good seeds from / Sensible Seed.

    However, the site has changed from last time and all the reviews are messed up so I can only look at star ratings for each strain. Having a hard time decided what to get. First time I got Black Distroyer and the free Norther Lights were both good. I may try another store but I figured I would stick with them as I have never had issues.

    Given2fly Member

    Pics of the fake nirvanas will be posted as soon as I get home and then u can decide for yourself. You're right, two posts to bash two crooked seedbanks because this is the first place I turned for reviews of legit seedbanks. I trusted bad advice from people on these boards and went ahead and ordered anyway, my mistake.

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