Short plant thats bundling.

I have this plant in vegg, it's about 2-3 weeks old. Its growing outward but not stretching. It has large fan leaves and in the middle of the plants it has small fan leaves all bundled up in a cluster. Idk why the plant isn't growing upward and tall, the other plant that is the same age is tall and wide. Any suggestions on what to do? Do I just pluck the leaves?

Also since the plant isn't growing tall and only wide, the fan leaves and hitting the pot and bending they are breaking but forming a hard knuckle on the fan leaves. Since its so short I've been feeding it slow so the bottom leaves does touch the water and get nutrient burn. Any ideas? On what to do ?


I raised the lights all the way up. And I put all my seedlings that are in solo cups on a small table 6 inch above the floor. So they are closer. We'll see what happens in the next week