Should i harvest soon?

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    Just looking for some help please,wondering if i should harvest my plants or not,ive got mostly cloudy trichs with few amber and few clear,but the plants keep throwing out new pistils with a bit of foxtail,im just over 9 weeks since switch to 12/12 been flushing for 2 weeks,they also havent drank much water in last 3 days thanks in advance 20180309_201702.jpg 20180309_201702.jpg 20180309_201702.jpg 20180309_201146.jpg 20180309_200403.jpg

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    if you've been flushing for 2 weeks. then harvest. there is no more nutes in your soil so it'll start eating itself. technically you are at 8 weeks (imo i usually don't count the first week after switching) going by trichs.. i wait til 80% are cloudy 10 are clear and 10 are amber ... but it really depends on how couch lock you want it.
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    I would not give you an answer based on those pics alone. If you don't mind, can we see the entire plant? Bud/calyx formation is also an important factor imo.

    ^No amount of amber trich's will make a landrace sativa couch lock-ey. (I'm not saying that you are implying that, but imo. to much weight is given to "is it amber or cloudy".)
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    Yeah i ended up harvesting on thursday there it kept throwing out white pistils at the foxtails but trichs were getting more amber i will put pics up anyway have not weighed dry yet but wet weight was 31oz after trimming so if i get quarter that say about 7oz? If thats how it works right? Have put pics up of both plants before i chopped them,thanks for reply

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