should I top at this point?


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You can always top AND LST, they're not mutually exclusive :D.

I didn't top this grow, and I usually always do, hoping that LST and the scrog net would be enough but I wish now that I had topped, because the main colas are huge, too huge like they are outpacing the rest of the tops. But thats just my setup, i'll post pic later when lights are on. It looks like a mess though haha.


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I would LST, but I've been advocating LST for over 20 years so I could be biased. Never saw the sense of removing the biggest, most developed growtip to favor the less developed growth below it.
If you do top, make a clone out of what you take off..
Seriously, they look great, don't worry about size except as it relates to your flower light. That plant will be quite large after the stretch.
I top, LST, and a week or so from flower SCROG my plants, Topping/fimming also creates 2 colas on the main stem which makes LST easier later on.


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i honestly replied without looking at your original picture, id say youre too far along to top. I do that somewhat early on probably 10 days or 2 weeks along. What i do suggest is you LST your canopy to make her a true bush and maximize your yield. honestly man the most valuable tools in my grow arsenal cost me less than $5 combined, do yourself a favor and grab some of these
These are great pics yall! I cant wait til I finish my grow room! I want more than 3 plants!!! Haha yalls pics gave me the itch!
Thanks for everyones interest!! Im using an LED shop light 7100 lumen 65 actual watt with an additional 3 LED full spectrum 8 actual watt. Its grown great. Low NPK soil so i can cotrol nutes. Flora nova grow nutes 2tsp/gal


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no problem.
This is my Blue haze. Only doing LST at the moment. In week 4. Haven't topped yet. When the canopy evens out. Then I'm topping them all. View attachment 4738357

If anyone wonders... the cutting in the shot glass/cup of water is 1 of 4 cuttings I took from an auto flower before it started flowering.

3 of 4 have rooted in 5 days for 2, and 1 more rooted today.
Update coming in my old thread in my sig below.
Would love to see this thread for cloning an autofrlower wow!


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Do u really think it will be tall?! I mean I got the room but damn was hoping for 4 feel hahaha
I mean you never know ! Prolly gonna be a pound! , as some ppl like to say :razz: . How tall are they already ? They are about to explode on you watch lol, a few weeks from now is gonna be a huuge change, keep the pics coming :bigjoint: