Should I toss my plants with nanners?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Runbho, Mar 18, 2017.


What to do with plants throwing nanners

  1. Toss and scrap and take the loss

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  2. Control the nanners

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    Runbho Active Member

    Hi RIU,

    Back again looking for advice... I'm running a 4 patient medical grow. Multi strains. 36 plants total. All plants are clones from mothers grown from seed.

    We're at Day 31 of flower and are just noting the "sour kush" or "headband" by reserva Privada is throwing out a bunch of nanners. It sucks because at the same time, it's producing some ridiculously frosty, dank nugs. This strain has some real potential though my pheno's are super squat slow growers.

    So, should I toss the 10 headbands I have in my flower room and just take the loss? Or, is there a way to control the nanners without them pollenating the whole flower room? Please help. This is the first time I've ever even seen a nanner on one of my plants!

    I WAS WARNED ABOUT RESERVA PRIVADA SOUR KUSH. I chalked it up to grower error and assumed that because my environment is dialed in, I'd be Problem free. I was wrong. Already tossed my 5 month old headband mothers. Had 3 and they're all unworthy. Fire but too unstable?

    I don't have the space to isolate these 10 plants throwing nanners. Can a pro chime in and let me know what they'd do?

    Thanks guys!
    lio lacidem

    lio lacidem Well-Known Member

    Im confused a little. The mother plant threw nanners and you still cloned it and are wondering why clones are throwing them too? If the moms didnt do it its probably some kinda stress causing it, of mom did it your question answers itself. Now onto what can be done can take the plants out of growroom and use tweezers too pluck them off. I usually mist them first. Sometimes when you pluck them they never return. If they come back then you can decide if you want to keep plants with some seeds or too trash them.
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