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So I'm looking to start up a melodic death metal band with a couple buddies right? Some really radical, revolutionary shit with sick galloping riffs and blast beats. With the isolation of this pandemic I'm gonna work on cultivating my talents on bass guitar and death growling. I know basically fuck-all about actual music theory, but nevertheless we'd be lucky to put out a demo tape before the year is out. I created our first t-shirt design in Adobe Photoshop, and I must warn you it is edgy AF...
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Not edgy. I know you were going for disturbing or edgy, but.... meh. I did 2 tours in Afghanistan, 1 in Iraq, spent 9 months in the former Yugoslavia and 6 months in Somalia. This was something I've seen before breakfast on a Sunday. Shock art only effects the weak of mind or spirit, is that your bands target audience?


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Some exciting new shit is developing... the logo for my death metal band is done and paid for. While I didn't design it obviously, I did update our first t-shirt design and create the covers to our first two releases. Now, to write and record some actual music... we're hoping to shit out our first demo tape by year's end.
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Now these Russian themed ones are sharp. I like them alot. How much for a t-shirt and how i get one?


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Shock art only effects the weak of mind or spirit, is that your bands target audience?
"Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed." Our basic "mission" is to trigger reactionaries and Karens so hard that they hopefully scream themselves into a stroke.