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    Hey guys how is it goin,didn't really know where to put this, it is sort of a journal but also sort of not :d
    I just want to share the grow :))

    Soo i've been on here about a year ago when first time growing a plant at my mom's,so after some plannin finally got my own place and a dedicated room,i've had luck with dwc before so i though i'd just stick wit it and also makes the process much easier and cooler for me and fuk wit it so
    pretty fucking simple setup
    TENTS. got a small 60x60x160 for veg and a 150x150x200 for flower ..talking centimeters..
    350 CFM carbon in the flower tent
    ALL the lighting in this bitch comes from a Chinese LED manufacturer and yes you can find them on fucking aliexpress,but it dont mean shit their light is super legit for the price which is 99$ approximately for a 300w panel (125~actual)..
    nutes is basic advanced AB and some voodoo and bigbud

    and we only grow AUTOS in this bitch.

    this is how the room pretty much looks like still lil messy
    the rdwc setup is pretty simple is just a pump in the main bucket pumps water through the top hose makes the water to come back from the bottom...

    these are my bitches now,though id start taking photos from the start,but really didnt have the time,they at the end of 1st week of flower and about 38 days from sprout and theres supposed to be another set of 3 grow buckets in this tent which wil be added in the near future :)

    and this is the nest generation :d blackberry

    Aight I think ima drop off here,think i wrote enough hah comments welcome you guys,peace.

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    great set up keep it updated!
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    Very nice setup, will you all the luck mate,

    can you recommend a product?? Link?
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    Thanks,I appreciate it

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    Well riu has been down for too long,didn't have the chance to update:)
    So 2 of the older girls are now at their 11th week,I chipped the 3rd one since it was significantly smaller and seem to have finished earlier.been drying for two days now.
    I know you can't see shit with that dumb blurple but that's the best I can do rn cuz my phone cam sucks.
    As you can see Ive put in the second row and I got the control buckets on the sides there.
    The new row is blackberry,it seems like its going better than the amnesia so far. Mainly cuz the amnesia grew too fucking tall and got all light stressed and whatnot,the leaves are a mess:/. But love is like it still going pretty strong hah

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    Got just over 75 grams off that smaller plant,I can live with that hah.
    This one of them strains that put a stupid grunge on your face for hours, me gusta
    gonna chop another one this Friday:)

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    So the last plant of three was chopped ten days ago weights in at 134g and sets us at a total of 315 g. And avg of 105g a plant.well try to do better with the next round.

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