Size of plants after 6 weeks... very small.. under 130w fluro

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    spazo Member

    Hi guys,

    Why are my plants only this size after 6 weeks of growing from germ?

    Strain: Super skunk
    Light 130w fluro

    issues: 1 plant had its seedling leaves burnt, issues with light height ( being too close ), small dose of root growth formula has been added in past and rhizotonic ( maybe this stunted them? ).
    Also transplanted them from rockwool to the big pots ( should of done smaller pots )
    RH is fluctuating from 40% - 80% depending on weather conditions.
    temp is fluctuating between 20c to 30c depending on the day

    Any idea why this is taking so long? i expected them to be twice the size by now at least.

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    nodnarb7 Active Member

    Im having the exact same problem mine are about the same size and maybe 2-3 weeks old...Ive grown before and it didnt start like this...PLEASE HELP?
    Using CFL the 5000K ones

    pineappleman420 Well-Known Member

    id say you probably are over watering... how do you judge when to water? id make your soil a little looser next time as well... these pots work wonders also the seed tray 18 cell is amazing too. think of the foliage as a direct correlation of what your root-base looks like. Hope this helps a little and happy growing:weed:

    pineappleman420 Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah forgot lol... I judge when to water by the weight of my pot. When it needs water it is light and when it dosent it will be heavy. takes a bit to get used to... Dont be afraid to see the signs of it being underwatered too so you can see what the plant does when it wants or needs water.

    Morriston55 Well-Known Member

    The plants as pictured are 6 weeks old? Thats not a week one picture?

    If thats so, and you have more seeds, its time to start over, those seeds are duds or something happened along the way. If my seedling looked like that after day 7 I would already be planning its death

    If it isnt just weak seeds I would venture the size of your pots is allowing them to be very overwaterred, which is very easy to do with so much soil. Solo cups may seem ghetto, but there size is perfect for seedling

    If you make the hard choice to kill these, carefully inspect the roots, see if they were growing at all
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    spazo Member

    thanks @Morriston55

    They have fluroished into growing plants ( they just took a long time ) now they have developed their 3rd leaves but now im having problems with heat when i just turned on my new 315w LEC... im trying to reduce the temp

    Morriston55 Well-Known Member

    3 sets of leaves is basically still a seedling and a 315 is really a waste

    My plants at 6 weeks with basic lighting are 18" tall and have been topped 3 -4 times

    spazo Member

    will 130w strong fluro work til? flower?
    3 plants are starting to get bushy now. topped and waiting for next phase of veg

    TurboTokes Well-Known Member

    Pics of the plants currently? I agree I would have replaced the seeds if they grew like that in the first 2 weeks though. Hope there picking up for you.

    How big is your space? 120w floro is good for less than 3 sq ft

    spazo Member

    So its rectangle growtent special demensions
    800mm front to back
    1.5m width
    2m height.

    So.. Its been 9 weeks and this is what they look like.. lol..

    I found that i was only feeding water in the early seedling stage..
    I didnt nute it for a few weeks.
    overpotted straight into a 3L pot lol.
    Ive feeding nutes alot but im starting to see possibly Cal-mag deficiency but im trying to feed them a couple of mix nute bottles that contain cal mag + coco A &B as im growing in coco pro ( i could of laced the coco with nutes before i repotted? )

    The LEC 315w is brining the temp to 31.. hence the ice bag/tray and 1 fan pointing up at the light ( trying to blow the heat into the scruber. I will be buying ducting to put a small duct with black panty hose at the top left corner hole of the grow tent so the heat can escape but smell still be taken by the scruber.
    Fan is currently on speed controller but on max high.
    temp drops to min 27 degrees or 27.8 dergrees as we are in the middle of summer right now.
    I am hoping the extra duct will bring the temp down.
    Currently on 22/2 Light cycle trying to make up for lost time.

    Thinking of switching back to Fluro 130W with reflector as temps hang around 20-25dergrees (On low to medium fan speed) as someone mentioned its a waste running the 315w right now.

    Ive found 1 plant growing bushy and it was the runt that just about died, its taking off with good growth after topping.
    the other 2 are taking longer to grow but slowly getting there.
    1 is feeling a bit of heat stress as very small leaf curling has happened.




    spazo Member

    Heres my nutrient veg supply..
    Started off on just rhizotonic then coco a and b and then grow fast and small dosing bio juice and then now just added grow green to fight nute deficiency.


    Will switch some nutes come flower.


    Ice and icebag in growtent does nothing as it melts too fast lol.

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