SLEEP problems - rso may be your answer

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    I’ve been sleeping real shitty for 6 months or so. I wake up at say 3:00am and take a leak. Go back to bed and can’t go back to sleep. About a month ago I made a small batch of rso (Rick Simpson Oil).

    A little dab will do ya. I take a rice size pc on the finger and just let it marinate under my tongue. No more problems sleeping.

    Just wanted to pass that along. Easy to make and very effective.

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    MANY MANY MANY good things come from ingesting oil.
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    My Name is Mike

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    That's awesome. Could you share the recipe or process that you followed?

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    Here is a quick run down for ya.

    This is everything you need except the bud.


    So I grab some dry bud with a gloved hand and crunch it up into the consistency where you could roll a doob with it. It goes into the above jar. I fill it about half way. Next just pour the alcohol in the jar over the bud. I fill it to cover ~80% of the bud. Then for 5-6 mins you mush the bud up down and around. I use a chop stick. The alcohol will dissolve the THC glands and some other beneficial "stuff". Slap the lid on with the strainer.

    This green liquid gets strained into a filtered container that can be heated up. I use the pyrex measuring cup. Slap a coffee filter on there and pour that mush liquid into the Pyrex. (I don’t have pics of this part).

    When it is filtered you have a Pyrex measuring cup with green fluid in it. It contains all the dissolved thc and all the other goodies + the alcohol.

    Take the Pyrex cup and simmer the alcohol off. Don’t boil the crap out of it. I use (the pancake maker).


    It condenses down to this, but it is not done until no bubbles are present. This is not done. It gets black and thick.


    When it’s done you end up with a thick black gooey substance.

    Oops you need a syringe. No needle needed. You can get these all over the place. Push the plunger of the syringe all the way down. Stick the tip of the syringe into the black goo and slowly pull back on the plunger. Suck up what you can suck up.

    That’s it.

    180220.jpg 180220b.jpg
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    My Name is Mike

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    Awesome write up. Thanks for taking the time to do that. Always nice to know then process someone used that can speak of its results.

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    57g below.

    I always purge in a vac chamber to make sure all residual solvent is gone. I also winterize before evap for a "cleaner" lol product.


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