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    bob4eva Member

    This tread is for SOG planters who use drip systems. Share advice and experiences about your success with the method. SOG RULES!!!!!!:joint:

    Titan4jah Well-Known Member

    dam i came foe some advice on a atomatic watering system for a sog but dam.....aint nobody

    GreenThumbSucker Well-Known Member

    I will be following this thread. I will be starting a drip SOG in about a week.

    This week I am harvesting some lunkers from my drip tables.

    Titan4jah Well-Known Member

    Ya im checkin out auto watering systems any any advice or suggestions?
    Im doin 20 clones in a 8 by 4 closet with a 1000 watter on a light mover. I just wanna figure out a way to bypass coasters to collect the water run off because im using square pots and the round coasters wont fit....

    i think im going to just use a pond liner for flooring instead of coasters.... still no way to collect the runoff tho.

    im going to use a trellis net for support and will post picks of the set up when done, its already been used for a flower room twice and is set up with co2, de-humid, fans. just need to figure this water problem.

    Anyone know of a good pump to water wand set up i can submerge in a bucket , im thinking of going that path too.

    morrisgreenberg Well-Known Member

    you should check out slab trays, they are 6inches wide by 4ft long and a plug and drain on the end, i think they make them in 6 8 and 12 inches wide, i am going the route of top feed in net pots in a flood table for my mothers, and i was thinking of using these trays, personally i am looking for watering times, i dont want to us a drip emitter, i just want to run water out of a 1/4 spahgetti tube with a tee to water evenly, what shecule should i go for? 15min waterings 3 or 4 times daily?

    bob4eva Member

    My setup is like a dwc (lower water levels) except i have a drip system powered by a water pump. My pump will feed small plants, 30mins on and 2:30mins off while lights are on (18hrs), 6 *30mins. When they get big 30 mins on and 30 mins off while light is on (20hrs) 10*30mins. Other people who grow in drips also told me that 15mins on 45mins off made plants wilt. You must always keep in mind that the plants dont sit in the nutrients it just drips on the roots and then back to the reservoir, my system atleast. I will post pics soon, just waiting on some more equipment, still upgrading from soil.

    bob4eva Member

    I get my supplies from htg supplies. They are reliable and i ounce got a free light system by mistake which made me expand my op. I also have the 250gph submersible pump haven't used it yet tho.

    thejadebuddha New Member

    Last response was 2009? Where my sogy people!!!

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