Soil Test results are in for No-Till any recommendations for improvement?

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    Just got soil test report from Logan Labs.

    Here the little background on this soil. It is exactly a year old now from the date I mixed all ingredients for no-till. 1/3 of all amendments was homemade compost. Soil was cooked for 3 months, then few worms added to each pot for good measure, they still alive and doing well in each pot! I have to say this grow was so successful that I never once over 4 months had any signs of any nutrient deficiencies. None, from seed to harvest. So freaking easy I still cannot believe it.

    I had 1 successfully cycle /grow with this soil. During this grow I literally added nothing but untreated tap water. Not even top dress, unless falling leaves can be considered as such. After the harvest I cut plants at ground level and left the soil overwinter idling in cool dark place (around 55F).

    Couple weeks ago I decided to test it and sent sample to Logan Labs and less than a week later I got report back! Can you guys help me figure out how to improve this soil based on report numbers?

    Total Exchange Capacity (M.E) = 22.86
    pH = 7.6
    Organic matter = 24.32%

    Sulphur (ppm) = 74
    Mehlich III Phosphorus = 167

    Calcium (ppm): Desired (3108 ) Found = 3355
    Magnesium : Desired (328 ), Found = 339
    Potassium : Desired (356 ), Found = 749
    Sodium = 109

    Base saturation (%)
    Calcium (60 to 70%) = 73.37
    Magnesium (10 to 20%) = 12.36
    Potassium (2 to 5%) = 8.40
    Sodium (0.5 to 3%) = 2.08
    Other Bases = 3.80
    Exchangeable Hydrogen (10 to 15%) = 0.00

    Trace Elements
    Boron (ppm) = 0.68
    Iron = 133
    Manganese = 28
    Copper = 1.03
    Zinc = 7.71
    Aluminum = 38
    Media Weight = 29.7

    Any suggestions for improvement? Thanks

    paraordnance Active Member

    I see that my phosphorus and potassium almost twice as high, have to make sure I don't add any additional. What also? How come Nitrogen not mentioned

    paraordnance Active Member

    My 10 gal no-till pots currently sitting filled to 2/3. I was thinking to top dress it to the top with fresh compost, worm castings, neem meal, crab meal, rice hulls.

    What also should I add or not to add based on this report?

    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    i've never sent in a soil for lab work before so i'm not entirely experienced with how their 'desired levels' weigh in terms of the proper levels for growing cannabis. that being said, your numbers really don't seem that far off and don't appear to be of much concern. the main concern i would have is the pH being slightly alkaline. I would add some gypsum to the mix to bring that down a bit (or even peat moss would probably do the trick). i would also be sure to add some fungi into the mix to make sure you use up some of that P as it's the only value that is double what they put as acceptable i suspect? Other than that, i'd say you're in good shape! the only questionable thing is, will the nutrients that are in the soil be enough to get you through another grow? maybe not. it would have been nice if you sent a mix into the lab before you did your first grow so you had something to compare it to. then you would know what kind of shape you are in because your plants likely removed a lot of nutrients from the soil, which means your initial values would have been higher. does this make sense to you? seems reasonable to me :)

    paraordnance Active Member

    Good advice about ph, you see my tap water is around 8, or slightly higher, so using tap water (I SIP, soil is always saturated, they drink as much as they like) eventually bumped up my pH possibly. I will use some gypsum and peat to correct the issue.
    I agree with you on my pots probably too small to sustain prolonged no-till but I can always add teas or top dress. Eventually I plan to go from 10gal to 20 gal pots to rectify that.
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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    sounds like a plan to me. i recently made the switch to 20 and 25 gal no tills. loving it so far. they seem to get better as they age in the pot :) the successive runs have always seemed to improve compared to the first, but my pots never have a resting stage. within a few days of harvest, they are replanted! Good luck!
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