Some cool shots over the years


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I started photography with a P.S Oly 1.4 mp camera.. it was small and I took it everywhere.. some of my fav's were from that camera... moved up from the 1.4 to a 2.1 with 10x zoom then on to the canon line up then began shooting professional bought more glass.. more gear it was a non stop buying hobby.

Have a Canon Xti + 18-55 as my only camera now after leaving the business and selling all the good stuff I had no need for. I sold my flashes ( total added weight would have been about 2lbs ) which I should have kept.. but I hated my flash w.o the battery pack (another 2-3lbs) for it

Bad shoulders have kept me from a bunch of crap I liked to do.. last wedding I did was 5-30-12 and I was down for 2+ days in pain.. and now my niece is getting married and I soooooo want to shoot it but I just cant.. I will take some of my buddies gear that day to get some shots in but I did tell them I would shoot their engagement session free... and even a bridal if they are up for it..