SomeGuy's LED & Other Grows. 2014-15 Season

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by SomeGuy, Nov 20, 2014.

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    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    Please NO comment posts in this journal till I get some pictures up and give the OK. :-)

    I am initiating my new journal. Since I changed things so much in the last six months really. Here is a break down of what I have going:

    2x4x5 tent
    1 box fan
    1 62w led tube troffer
    *on 24/7 no timers or real ventilation right now.*
    -rapid rooters
    -solo cup hempys
    -100% perlite

    CMH Flower:
    3x3x6.5 tent
    400w cmh lamp
    carbon scrubber
    cool tube
    inline fan
    box fan
    -5gl square hempy buckets
    -100% perlite

    LED Flower:
    4x4x6.5 tent
    500w of led bars DIY vero 18
    carbon scrubber
    inline fan
    box fan
    -smart pot hempy

    I will upload some pics maybe early next week of everything
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    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    Strains: Current clones
    Blue dream
    Pre-98 Bubba Kush
    Deep Psychosis
    La Con
    Cherry Pie
    Mk Ultra
    XXX og
    9lb Hammer
    Mojo's og

    Black Sour Bubble
    Skunk #1
    purple tai x purple kush
    Jillange (i think)
    one more I cant think of...

    I popped one of each. They are still pretty young.
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    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    Here we go... Pretty foul pic of the cmh tent. I have to try and get un-lazy and put work lights in the tents. I have not flipped these yet but they are on 15/9. Probably be saturday as first day of 12/12 in the cmh tent.
    11.jpg 12.jpg

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    Here is the veg tent:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    Finally, the LED tent. I am gonna let these veg another week or so maybe before flip.
    6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg

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    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    Ok. That is the garden as she stands. Working on greening them up a little. Things were a bit out of hand for a while with transitioning etc...

    ALL GOOD to post in here now. Welcome to my new adventure.
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    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    Today is flip day for the CMH tent. yay!

    Also... Seems things are greening up a little bit more these last few days. growth is fast and I am such a light feeder that I have needed to up the doses a bit more lately. I am looking forward to flipping the LED tent. Probably gonna happen pretty soon.
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    glockdoc Well-Known Member

    nice work bro. here for ride

    Mo! Well-Known Member

    Nice work man! So are those smart pot hempies? How they working out for you? Any issues with keeping water in the dish?

    keysareme Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say, very, very, clean, very, very nice. I like the variety of light sources!, and awesome LED build bro!
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    Mainlinekush Well-Known Member

    Props brother...... just need to say great fucking job!!!! great tents and plants:clap::clap::clap:
    Subbed for sure
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    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    Great set up @SomeGuy
    I'm pulling up a chair.
    Any idea where we are meeting
    When doc comes down ?
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    SmokeAL0t Well-Known Member

    Nice organization. Really like the mini-walls in post #3. Tidy vert set up, will be fun to watch these flower.
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    Soulkipper Active Member

    how long you veg for?
    pics of final product?
    day 1 flower next to harvested plant pics?

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    I don't think I get to be a part of it. gotta work a lot the 11-13th. I think jig and doc are coming by my place at 10am on Sunday the 14th for a little smoke and go.

    So far seems pretty good. I think I would actually start adding vermiculite or believe it or not... oil absorber granules.... they are a natural inert medium that holds way more water. This would make it better IMO w all the air available.

    I am not regimented or keep records really. You can look in any of my old journals and see what I have done before. I veg as long as it takes. For the most part I only put plants that are fairly mature to flower. so "usually" a month or more of veg time. Usually more like 2 months plus.

    This will be my second led grow with these bars but the first in a 4x4 space. the first grow with them was in a 2x4. I got a little more than .5gpw in the 2x4. I expect I can double it in the 4x4 and hit a gpw.

    Hang around and you can see for yourself. below are some new updates in just a few. :-)
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    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    @BobBitchen ....thrips showed up. just before turkey day. very little. I knocked them back but probably go get some spinosad to finish them off with . Still in early flower everywhere.

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member


    Veggers. All seem like they are doing well post bug war. I need some 1gl fabric pots to upsize all these into.

    21.jpg 22.jpg 23.jpg

    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    bummer... I sprayed everyday & cleaned up lower growth,
    dumped all the clones, & cleaned the tents, no sign for a couple of days now...
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    SomeGuy Well-Known Member


    CMH Cabinet is looking good. Flipped to true 12/12 a week ago but they kinda started flowering a bit after spending a few weeks before that on 15/9. I am happy with it so far.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member


    LED tent is looking ok. coming back around after battling. greening up a bit. funnay but the pictures make them look lighter green than they are in real life... Still need some work but they look worse in the pics. I got some spinosad today and some cal mag+ However, still rocking along.

    11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg
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