Split Politics into 4 sections?

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I guess my intention of more choices comes from a point of:
(here is a section to share ideas/circle jerk with like minded individuals)
(here is a space to debate those you may agree with on certain subject but disagree with on others)
I’ve approved of this basic idea for a long time, but I’ve never seen it work - not online, not IRL (although real-world consequences change the shape of things considerably). It’s not a bad idea at all, but it requires honest participation: ‘pwning the libs’ will kill it, as will ‘educating the rednecks’; which means there MUST BE RULES GOVERNING THE DEBATE. What is and is not considered evidence, authentic, bedrock must be agreed upon or there can’t be a debate, a dialogue, anything better than poo-flinging - and *everyone* involved has to toe the line. Or it goes to shit.

Never met the owner or moderator who would genuinely stand for any such thing; the occasional free-for-all like we have here is about as good as it gets. RIU is a better environment for these matters IMO than…some other cannabis-enthusiast sites? Unlike some places, I’d don’t even see the mods doing their job almost all the time…that’s god-mode moderation IMO: unobtrusive, effective, the waters remain smooth and clear, there is basically nothing happening.

Don’t get me wrong, I think something like that is so desperately needed that we keep trying to force it to happen - but it’s always the talking heads, the spin doctors, the corrupt, the available that get the bulk of the chairs, the biggest microphones…and now a word from our sponsor…. There are two sides, for sure, but they aren’t the ones we keep talking about: one side wants the government to fail, so they can privatize the whole thing and reorganize the nation into a formal oligarchy; and one party is so scared of the present that they’ll gladly trade the future for a myth of the past if it will make them feel like they’ve “done their job”.

Those two sides rarely confront each other honestly, that’s why the public record is so important: news not based in the public record isn’t worth considering. I mourn the passing of the honest American conservative, who’s hardly been seen since Eisenhower. So I say let the Politics section ride: as with poker, facts & sound argument to stay in the game.


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I see this is getting heated, and i understand why,

No we are not making subsections, or sub threads, its more modding on the rest of us to place and categorize specific areas like a lot of work specifically for a section that is often quick moving and fast paced.

Theres no way for us to block specific subsections from the forum

We are not facebook we cant do like large amounts of coding like that and have our website work for each individual account still.

What you can do is block the I think largely 6-12? people who utilize politics and make daily threads for the most part they only post in politics and if you block them, or "ignore" them you likely wont see political posts anymore.

I know that workaround is not the best but its what we got.

I personally absolutely hate the politics section, however with the current state of the world if we did not have 1 section where people could post their political bullshit it would ultimately flood the entire forum on a regular basis
so i see the need for 1 area where people can go to post,

im closing the thread because ultimately this is a heated discussion that isnt going to go anywhere since the answer is sorry no but heres a work around
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