Start a Vermont Growers Collective?


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I am knew to the forum but not knew to growing. I am interested in connecting with other Vermont growers who would like to start a collective together.
My main goal is sharing knowledge and genetics.
I am looking for not only other breeders but also home growers, outdoor growers, people who have had the same unnamed "OG" strain going forever. I have mine.
Let's start a conversation. What do you want from like minded growers from within your own state?
My current grow is:
GSC/GG#5 - cutting sourced from dispensary in NY
Blue Label- cutting sourced from dispensary in NY
WOS, Afghan/Archive Faceoff BX2 - self made seeds regular
Hazeman Strawberry cough - I'm bringing this back to VT, Unless it's already here then hey why didn't you share!
Big worm- Vortex
Hazeman - Coccoa puffs
Doc- Van Gough
BB- Psycho-killer
BB- Deep blue -sour cherry
Nirvana - Ak48
Bodhi - NL#5
I will start posting pics if any is interested this weekend.


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I am a VT. MMJ patient who cannot afford to purchase my medicine anymore and have turned to growing. I have just begun and I personally so stressed with no medicine began growing under mediocre conditions. I cannot afford to purchase any equipment or expensive nutrients etc. Can you offer any advise? If you had some time to hear my story you would understand my love and connection I have with her now. I suffer chronic pain, lower leg amputee, back surgery in January 2018, the depressing list goes on but when I can use my medicine it all seems to make sense. I hope I didn't weird you off, I have reached out in so many different social media mediums and have found no local VT. MMJ patient help. Thanks and hope you can help. -Damien