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    cripplecreek77 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the answer brother, I understand being busy with the family man if I'm not working I'm spending as much time with my son as I can manage. Thanks again and best wishes brother.
    strayfox gear

    strayfox gear Well-Known Member

    I'll post a tester thread here in the next week or so.

    Keep your ears on guys.

    I'm sure they will go quick.


    Kromes white
    Crab Pot

    Crab Pot Well-Known Member

    Sour Blue Haze flower rosin - gorilla glue #4 x blueberry/temple

    Amazingly loud beautiful blueberry glue terps and one of the best daytime highs ever!!


    pilsung Well-Known Member

    fantasy island x big sur holy bud cut about 65 days


    pilsung Well-Known Member

    check this out, her sister chopped one week later. would it be un pc to call her the negress pheno?

    100_0595 (2).JPG



    darkest complected girl i've ever grown.
    strayfox gear

    strayfox gear Well-Known Member

    @Crab Pot that looks amazing brother. Id like to try a little on our next lunch.

    @pilsung dude, those look super yummy. love that purple. thats a rare one that pops up every once in a while.

    Im still playing catch up. ill put the tester post up asap.


    PigTrotter Well-Known Member

    Got some smoking mirrors beans soaking. I am looking forward to trying some stray fox gear. Really small beans. The smallest i have seen.

    hayrolld Well-Known Member

    @strayfox gear - I know you will come up with a cooler name, but let that holy fantasy cross out please! Even without the black pheno those lines would be irresistible crossed :bigjoint:

    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    Grabbed some Smoking Mirrors, Guava Slayer, and Green Warrior Black Leaf pheno... ooooh shit
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    naiveCon Well-Known Member

    Would like to know where to get some of this !!
    strayfox gear

    strayfox gear Well-Known Member

    my wife named that line holy bud island..
    shes a yummy line. i believe theres still a few packs left.

    you guys should hit up my rep, JP....super good people..carries my new and some old releases, docd's gear, some of bodhis and soon alien genetics.

    Hit him up for a list. [email protected]

    A few set backs and still waiting on a cold snap for the new testers.

    ill put up a small list here in a little bit.

    bubba katsu's sister, bubba blanco

    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    bubba blanco got my bubba hardo
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    strayfox gear

    strayfox gear Well-Known Member

    Hey guys.

    Here's a few heaters that need tested asap. Only US shipping until I move.

    So first off id like to say thank you to the guys that have been testing..You guys are the ones that make it possible for a strain to be released..

    Second..If you can drop right away, take clear pictures and post updates when you have time. Perfect. If not, that's totally okay. You can try next round.

    Please pick 5 strains that catch your eye. 1-2 will be chosen. only pick what you have room for. For the guys that tested great last round. You can pick a few.

    Fyi, Only 3 packs to each strain will be tested atm. first come first serve.

    I'll delete as they disappear.

    send over a pm on choices.



    chem 4 pnw cut
    good medicine f3 skunk pheno stray cut
    iraqi 66 short pheno bodhi cut
    chem91 wyrm cut


    starfighter f1 stray cut
    jack 10k bodhi cut
    dragonlayer bodhi cut
    kromes white
    ninja turtles #3 stray cut
    zamaldelica / rks bodhi cut

    mothers milk bodhi cut
    tresdawg stray cut
    ninja turtles #2
    rollin 88
    80's black afghani
    ninja turtles #3


    triangle kush
    80s black afghani

    The guys that so called tested for me last round and decided to just hold onto them and not drop right away like they said they would. Then turn around and decide to breed with testers. Laaaaaaame. You've been put in the don't ask book.

    Have a blessed evening


    Purple unicorn b cut
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    kmog33 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the lag on posting these are just starting to be picture worthy. Delayed about a week since I got these but they're all up and running. Three buckets like this, will keep posted as things get more interesting than this haha.

    Iraqi x chem iv
    Iraqi x ninja turtles
    Bubba katsu x ninja turtles
    Iraqi x Rollin 88[​IMG]

    Not using anything of yours to breed with @strayfox gear, not yet anyway ;). I'll definitely ask first, but I don't release unworked shit anyway so it's be a while before you saw any of it pop up mixed in, haha. Kinda shitty on other testers, everyone trying to be blomer from buttplug genetics up in here.

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    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    Ugh i'd be all over those testers, but i'm pages deep now in what seeds I wanna run and still need to drop my last pack of Red Eyed Genetics testers.


    MagicGenetics Member

    Hit me up if you need numbers ran I just got a new 5x5 (have 3x3, and 6x6) for more tester flowering room. I am currently in flower on 1 tester for Bodhi, and Greenpoint each and 1 for Doc_D(in veg). Hell's Angel OG x Snow Lotus for Bodhi, Cookies and Cream x Red Headed Stranger For Gu, TK x TGE for Doc. Bodhi and Gu's runs are almost half way through flower in my 6x6. Then Doc's girls will be ready to flip, so my 5x5 is empty. I run 630 w cmh 3kR-bulb(red Spectrum) and a 600w MH on 50%-75%power. No real preference all of it is fire I have Tunnel Vision and Smoking Mirrors I'm running TV next then SM on the side for headies I love your work. My email for testing is ckohl79 at yahoo com.The time and effort you and some others put in your work is impeccable sir thank you. Blessings and Bountiful Harvests to you and yours. Lol just had to go into stripper mode to post my yahoo lol forgot it was a link .
    Alien dream

    Alien dream Member

    Hi Strayfox, what's the best way to contact you about becoming a tester?
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    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    Dude, seriously like 4 posts above... Jesus
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    MagicGenetics Member

    Lol literally almost woke up my 2 year old thanks for that @cuddlesthesheep made my night.
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    strayfox gear

    strayfox gear Well-Known Member

    @kmog33 super cool you jumped right on these.. Im sure youll be in the lead again this round..

    You can pick anything off that list brother..

    As for breeding with my genetics, absolutely..I encourage people to breed with my gear..If you can give credit and ask permission, im 100% all yes and please do...

    What bothers me is they show pictures of the males they kept and a few shots of some females that are all knocked up with f2's..

    I had a few clowns last round try and give out a bunch f2's to a vendor before i even released the strain..thats just freakin crazy..

    I get why a ton of breeders are all going inhouse to makes sense..

    I only give a few days for testing and then i close the window...Tomorrow will be the last day testing here at riu. i gotta give my other spots a chance too.

    @MagicGenetics thank you brother

    @Alien dream send over a pm my friend

    @cuddlesthesheep theres been a pretty big handful from here that has reached out so far..

    testers go out over the next few weeks guys..keep an eye out.

    have a beautiful weekend


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