Strayfox Gradenz- GMO Jungle


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Strain: GMO Jungle from Strayfox Gardenz

Medium: Happy Frog Soil amended with Earthworm castings, dolomite lime, and perlite. I know that Happy Frog already comes with some of this stuff in it already but I read one of LC soil mixes I think it was. The one part I messed up is I didn't get the powdered dolomite lime, I got the prilled type before I read it takes way longer to break down in the soil.

Space: 2 x 4 tent

Light: SF2000

Air: 4" inline fan, 4" raxial intake fan, 2 clip fans

Notes: On April 22nd I transplanted into 1 gallon pots and added 1 tablespoon of Dr. Earth's vegetable and 1 tablespoon of all purpose into each pot. I topped the plants on May 3rd and also tried tying them down for training. Fast forward to tonight, I'm almost 1 month into the 1 gallon pots and have only given water with myco once a week. I noticed that in 4/5 plants the growth is leafy and dark green- maybe nitrogen toxicity? Also, they sort of broke free of their tiedowns so I'll have to redo it before I water next. I noticed some nute burn on a couple of plants. Any suggestions when to top dress another feeding? I'm thinking next time I water I'm just going to topdress with the happy frog and no extra ferts until they show signs of the leaves lightening up in color.

Also I plan to flower these in a 4 x 4 so that's why I can keep vegging a little longer.

This is only my 3rd grow, any suggestions, advice, critiques, cheat codes always welcome.

Enjoy the pictures!

Garden Overview

Garden Overview 2

Nute burn?

This plant is tallest and the only one that is showing some light green coloring. Weird!

I took a picture of this one because it is showing a giant fan leaf that is blocking a lot of the light from reaching the lower plant. I know this is definitely a problem in flowering but does it make sense to pluck it off now?

Finally, here is a pic of the tie I did a couple weeks ago. These plants really got out of hand and I should have done a better job tying them down but I think there is still time. I think I want to ditch this plant wire and stick with old school yarn or something.

Thanks again for reading, have a great rest of the week and may your gardens be fruitful.


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Update 5/22

Today I took off some huge fan leaves about 3 or 4 off each plant. I have very leafy and dark green growth and feel like they were covering a lot of tops, I'm almost certain it was from nitrogen toxicity. After that I did some light bending and spreading of the branches, I didn't tie them down this time- color me lazy, ha! I'm trying to plan on how long I will veg them out for. These 5 plants will be flowering in a 4 x 4 tent so I can't veg them for too long. I was thinking maybe 3 or 4 more weeks with 1 more topping in 2 weeks and then transplant into 5 gallon pots before flipping to flower.

I was also thinking about super cropping instead of having to deal with string. I'm not good with string.

Is it too late to super crop? What branches would you target?






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Update: 5/26

After topping 3 days ago, the plants are looking pretty good so far. I watered them with mycorrhiza today. I noticed that the new growth looks a bit light green compared to the rest of the plant. I don't want to top dress in any ferts because I plan on transplanting into either 3 or 5 gallon pots within the next week or so and the new soil should have enough food in it for a few weeks.

Does anyone suggest 3 gal or 5 gal pots for a 4 x 4 tent for flowering? I guess I could transplant into a 3 for a few weeks and then final transplant into a 5 for flowering but not sure if it would be worthwhile. Thanks for any tips. Also wondering if I should top once more before flower stage....





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Update: 5/27

Feeling froggy on this Friday, I decided to transplant these mugs 1 day after watering into their final 5 gallon homes.

I will attempt to flower 5 plants in 5 gallon pots in a 4 x 4 tent, am I delusional?

I've arranged the plants where each is getting right around 600-700 par per plant, I've stuffed them quite close together.... I had them further apart at first but the par reading was not sufficient for my liking. The plan is to top dress with dr earth's ferts in 1 week. That will allow time for the new soil to use up its nutes and the ferts to break down ever so slowly.

Going to vegetate for one or 2 more weeks before the flip to flower.

Yahtzee! Lemme At 'Em!




For those about to Scrog, WE SALUTE YOU!


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Update 6/2

5 days since the transplant into 5 gallon pots and noticed one plant in particular was showing yellowing in the lower leaves in between the veins. I decided to topdress with 2 tbs of dr earth ferts per gallon of medium. so 10 tbs of ferts per pot: the ratio I used was 5 tbs of veg, 3 tbs of bloom, and 2 tbs of all purpose.

I decided to topdress shortly after transplanting even though Fox farms has some nutes in the soil because I heard it takes a couple weeks for the dr earth to break down and be available. My thought is that by the time the fox farms nutes in the soil are running out the dr earth can help take over for the next few weeks where I'll be into 12/12.

I plan to flip to 12/12 in a week from now and I'll also add a trellis net.

A question I had regarding earthworm castings- I didnt add any when I topdressed with the dr. earth so was wondering if topdressing some in the next watering would be overkill.

Thanks for any advice or tips!






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Update 6/5

These plants are getting decently hefty for a 4 x 4 so I flipped to flower yesterday. I added 2 layers of trellis and moved the tower fan toward the back of the tent. I watered today- first time in 4 days.... I normally watered every 3 days but when I checked yesterday the pots still felt moist so said ok I'll wait another day. Before I watered today I topdressed with some earthworm castings. Enough to cover a base layer of each pot. I didn't really dig it into the top couple inches just kind of left it on top and watered onto it.

One other thing to note is it required around 4-5 gallons of water total to get a small amount a runoff from each pot. I've heard two schools of thought on watering to runoff so instead of watering to a good amount of run off or none at all I water to an amount of runoff where its basically dripping really slow. I figure I just try to middle what the two theories are.

Anyway, the back plant that was yellowing a bit now is a more lush green color. When I opened the tent today it felt good to have seen the progress and what looks to be like the ferts are doing a good job so far. Just trying to keep this thing on the road.

Here are some recent garden pictures from today:






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Update 6/9

Chugging along at day 6 since flip. I watered with mycorizzah today. Right now I'm at a thorough watering every 4 days since I've transplanted into their final 5 gallon pot homes. I look forward to incorporating a layer of mulch into my next grow to offset drying out of the top of the soil. So far so good though- hopefully the plant in the back right and middle can catch up with the stretch for the even canopy. Thanks for stopping by, we march on!

(Edit) One more thing to note: I removed the tower fan from the back of the tent after reading that I shouldn't be blowing air directly through the plants. I still have the oscillating fan going through the canopy. I may set up a fan on the floor to blow air under the canopy. Question on that though- wouldnt a fan on the ground dry out the fabric pots or am I overthinking it? Thanks again for any insight!






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Update 6/13 (10 days since flip)

Last night when I looked at my plants one of them was showing signs of being thirsty so I gave them all a good drink of plain water. Normally I wait every 4 days in between watering but this time it was 3.

When the lights were off the relative humidity got to 68 percent. Once lights came on today I added a small dehumidifier. Hopefully RH can get into the 50s or lower.

All in all everything has a nice green to it. The only thing is the plant on the front left has small new growth/tops in comparison to the one on the back left. Also the plant in the middle and the back right aren't as tall as the rest. Hopefully they can reach the second level of trellis by the time stretch is over.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!






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Update 6/16 (Day 13 since flip)

I watered last night, the pots felt kind of light and I knew they would be drooping if I waited so I watered and fortunately they survived. The leaves are still praying but the max ppfd in the canopy is 1000 which I heard isn't super high.

The plants are still stretching and as you can see the one in the back left has almost reached the 2nd trellis, while the one in the middle and back have barely reached the 1st one.... so far anyway. The plants are all exactly 2 weeks from their last top dressing so I plan to introduce them to the bloom ferts next week. I think I may be a little over packed with 5 plants in a 4 x 4 because the humidity is also kind of high. I have to run a 6 inch inline at full speed to keep RH in the upper 50s after watering with the lights on. It gets into the mid 60s RH with lights off so I'm kind of worried about that to be honest.

I will stay the course and make sure ventilation/circulation to the max.

I also plan to do a major defoliation next week before top dress. There's so many gosh darn leaves in the middle getting no light, I was tempted to defoliate a week early but everything I heard said to do it after stretch it complete.

Also this is my first time using a 2nd trellis net. Is it too high?

Thanks for any advice, critiques, or tips.






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Looks great!

As far as the upper trellis goes, some stuff stretches more than others. It's usually done with stretching by week 3ish in 12/12. Adjust your net accordingly, and spread out the branches that will form the colas.


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Update 6/18 (15 days since flip)

I've been reading a lot about organic gardening and not letting your soil dry out too much. For the hell of it I tested the weight of the pots after watering on Wednesday and they felt pretty light. I decided I would water last night instead of waiting the typical 3 days. When lights came on today they look like they were happy they were watered the night before.

Also I'm reading about VPD in late veg/early flower. I didn't know that during this stage they liked humidity in the 60s if the temp is in the 80s. I guess after the stretch and the buds start forming is when I should reduce the humidity. For anyone in the know, when does early flowering end and regular flowering begin?

Thanks for popping in, have a great weekend!

P.S From now on I'll just add thumbnails because full images take long to load.






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Update 6/25 (22 days since flip)

And the beat goes on.... On 6/22 I watered and did a lollipopping and defoliation. Today I finished the defoliation and added top dressed with dr earth veg and bloom, (1 tbs of each per gallon) and also mixed in some earthworm castings. The tall plant in the back looks like it could be hungry, its kind of light green compared to the others.

I watered them about a couple hours ago so hopefully by the next update they look even healthier. Thanks for dropping in, have a great rest of the weekend.





P.S. Disregard the humidity/temperature guage in the pictures. I use an ac infinity temp probe to monitor my environment so I know this thing is out of whack. I will recalibrate it or if I can't I'll get rid of it. I think its probably just cheap junk anyway. Current levels: 82 degrees, 62% humidity
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Most growers will follow VPD closely if possible until they get into late flower and then they worry more about powdery mildew and bud rot and will dial down the humidity as long as they have the ability. VPD is a valuable tool but don't let sticking to it in flower lead you to mold or pest problems. A good defoliation down low in the canopy and air movement under your trellis will go a long way to helping you out with that. Your tower fan can be hung horizontally with some zip ties from the sides of your tent as well. Just be sure it's above the tops of your higher colas pushing air and not blasting them directly. I personally consider early flower the first two to three weeks then flower is the next two with peak bloom usually weeks 5 or 6 on to about week 8. Then your in a ripening phase. It really depends on the strain and how much time it takes to finish, plus how long it stretches for. Most are going to stretch for two weeks once they start. You definitely want some air movement down under the canopy, something that oscillates and won't wind burn one particular area is best. Just a gentle breeze is all you need.


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Thanks for your help FCA. Currently I am using a small oscillating fan above the canopy but it's actually lightly blowing on the tallest plant's top colas when its in their direction- hope that's not too big of a problem as its not on them constantly. For the floor, I have a stationary fan thats propped up so its about the height of the top of the pot. I have that fan blowing into the wall because if I have it pointed toward the plants even at the lowest setting it blows pretty hard. Since I top dressed with Dr. Earths today (22 days since flip), I hope that the bloom ferts will breakdown in time for the next few weeks. Now we wait!


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Dr. Earth takes about a week or so to start really being available from what I understand. I've been using it for the last several runs with really good results. I start off with a 50/50 blend of grow and flower girl at the flip and and then usually switch to flower girl after two weeks but if it's stretching hard still I'll throw in a little grow at like 25% at the two week mark
After that it's flower girl every two weeks at 2 tablespoons per gallon of media until I'm about 2 weeks out from harvest and then it's just water usually. I'll add a little Epson salt if I see Magnesium deficiencies and I use Recharge brand mycos every week up to week 5 in flower. I'd like to add in earthworm castings but I've been on a budget lately. Try to get a fan that moves underneath if possible or if you can physically move it yourself throughout the day so not just one area is getting wind blasted. Heavy wind areas can be prone to hermi in some cases, not often, but why introduce stress if you can avoid it. It also windburns your lower buds which sucks. Sounds like you have a good plan, just watch for areas that are really dense to create pockets of high humidity that can cause mold or mildew issues. That's why a light defoliation down low is always a good idea in my opinion. People have varying opinions on degrees of defoliation from never to stripping them almost naked. I like to leave a good bit of the leaves alone if I can but the stuff down low that's not going to produce or get light anyway should go in my opinion and I'll take a couple big fan leaves facing into the center of the plant to open it up some. Just a few, nothing drastic. I do it at the flip and again on day 21. Try out a few different styles and see which works for you. It'll come as you get grows under your belt but cleaning up the lowers is always a safe bet.


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With the Dr. Earth ferts, I topdressed 50/50 veg and bloom and im 22 days since flip. I regret not giving a top dressing of only bloom. I hope it doesn;t set the plant back much in flowering. I will be sure to topdress with only bloom fert next time. One question I had was I heard to topdress Dr. Earth every 3-4 weeks. I see you do every 2 weeks but I am nervous about burning my plants


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It's pretty hard to burn with Dr Earth. I accidentally gave my 3 gallon pot the same amount as the ones in the 5 gallon pots as I was top dressing, so it got 10 tbls. It had zero burn. The Dr. Earth dry amendment feed schedule on their website calls for top dressing every two weeks as well. Download their grow guide here
it shows their feeding schedule.
I add in the 4-4-4 when I plant and then start the top dressing by the schedule I listed at flip. It hasn't caused any issues except when I've run it in small fabric pots. The bigger the pots the better off you are. Plastic pots are a better choice with it as well in my opinion.


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This is LA Girlz from Strayfox Gardenz from my last run using the schedule I told you about and Motorbreath 15 using the same schedule. Also a pic of a Nurple auto I'm running right now in my veg tent with a couple seeds I'm pheno hunting before I run them for a flower run with some more motorbreath 15 Just so you can see that it's not burning them in real life. Every strain is different and autos are more sensitive than photos to a degree but as long as you establish a good healthy microherd and good roots it's pretty easy to care for them with dry amendments. The key is to watch the extra crap. IMG_20220621_211558630~2.jpgCM220520-220453001.jpgIMG_20220523_132708576_HDR.jpg