Subcool soil for indoor autos.


Hi guys new poster and first time growing indoors.

I plan on using a version of the Subcool recipe and diluting that soil with organic soil and perlite and then filling the bottom half of my pots with that mix before filling the top half with more organic soil and perlite.

The plants will be autos.

I’m very new to growing so interested to hear of tips from more experienced growers

Will the nutrients from the soil be enough or do I need to feed teas etc?

Thanks for any help


You can use sub cool mix at bottom 1/3 of container and top fill remainder with the milder mix.
Do you mean straight subcool on the bottom and then a mix of subcool, soil and perlite on top?

My initial plan was to mix the subcool 50/50 with normal soil and use that on the bottom.

For the top I was planning on using only soil mixed with perlite.

I was planning on doing it this way as I thought I could be in danger of stunting the autos if the soil was too hot?