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    First id like to say that after researching deficiencies i've learned alot about the possible causes like PH and over watering. Ive seemed to have found right balance with watering, and I currently use RO water at waterings and tap water with the nutes. The tapwater come out at around 8ph. I also added pulverized lime to the soil mix and its help alot with stopping twisted leaves and cal/mag issues.

    Problem is the mag deficiencies still persist. Not as severe as before but still annoying. 20171113_074626.jpg
    Strain is purple trainwreck from humbolt.
    I use epsom salt with waterings when I see the symptoms but Im not sure about the dosage. I struggle with balancing over and under feeding. I plan to flower these girls at 15" for SOG and keeping them healthy is a struggle. Any suggestions?
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    heavy nitrogen deficiency. check your PH for lockout.

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    why all the guesswork? buy one quality nutrient system and follow directions. Botanicare makes some great ones, organic dry, bottled etc. all very good. you wont need additives or kitchen items.
    the larger ones need up potting now.
    this is important, - a one gallon pot of dry promix(feel the weight?) will need only one quart of water added at a time, no more no less, dumped all at once. 1/4th the container volume in water, thats it. now feel that weight, weigh it even if you have to. dont add water again until it feels light like it did before you added water. no matter the container size this is the ticket.
    I add 20 cents worth of Organicare composted chicken shit to my pots weekly and water only for the best weed ever
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    Your absolutely right. As a new grower i've been trying to learn how to get the most out of the soil. Using Dr Earth potting soil+lime+homemade EWC and perlite. Just seems like the plants aren't getting what they need from the soil. Its stored in a closed 30gal container. Immediately i run into mag or nitrogen issues and have to supplement. R.O. water i use comes out at 7 ph. Looking for possibly dry nutes to supplement the soil thru veg and early flower.
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    If you think you have a mag deficiency and it looks like you do. 1/2 tsp per gallon of Epsom salt dissolved in your water is the way to go. It can also be used as a foliar spray and if you are able to get the plant away from the lights and let it dry before putting it back under the lights the foliar spray combined with watering the plant with Epsom will help fix a mag def.
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    or use some cal mag like calimagic
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