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    I pruned that exact way and vegged these 2 girls for about 3 months. There now 4 weeks into flower

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    This could be misleading but I know what you are getting at.

    Tall spindly plants are bad, that likely is the result of over crowded competing and/or lack of light intensity. Tall plants that have been topped a few times (got tall from long healthy veg) are absolutely fine.

    I'd take a tall plant over a small one head room provided. With taller plants you have easier control over keeping a cooler root temp to canopy temp. Once you start getting under 2 foot plants, varied temp control is doable but ever more difficult, as is general air flow/humidity control. Wet pots 6 inches under the canopy+canopy temp isn't the recipe for avoiding rot unless you got that heavily under control.
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    doesn't sea weed contain auxins and Cytokinins. topping is as good time to use seaweed.

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    This is correct! It will allow all the lower “side shoots” to grow rapidly and become main branches themselves. If trained right.

    Auxin that is produced in the tops of plants is capable of inhibiting the development of side shoots. This symptom is known as apical dominance. Removing the main tip stops the inhibiting effect and side shoots then develop which will eventually result in a broader plant. Where crop spacing allows only a few plants per square meter it is worthwhile removing the main tip as this makes it possible to use the light more efficiently. It’s also necessary to remove the tips regularly to achieve a good stock plant for propagation so that it will grow many more side shoots.”
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    i think you're going way over board. topping a plant twice is useful and productive, topping it after the second time causes major slowdown of growth, the plant has to split its resources too many times and the resulting growth will never be as large or robust as plants that are only topped twice.
    i'm aware of auxin, and it's effects. i'm also aware of cytokinins, which are also produced naturally in plants, and are in effect a brake for the effects of auxins.
    people break apical dominance all the time. check out the mainlining thread, a whole section devoted to breaking apical dominance.
    this concept is new to you...not to most of us
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    Roger A. Shrubber

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    they're talking about making a mother plant, "for propagation", taking clones from...not normal plant growth

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