Super Strong Cannabutter Recipe?

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    justgrowit Active Member

    Is it possible to double the potency of cannabutter by this simple method? First make sure you maximize your cannabis yield using the crock pot method.

    - maximize the amount of finely ground cannabis
    - use less better / to cannabis for a more potent result

    But here's my question. Why not repeat the process, using cannabutter instead of regular butter in another crock pot session? Has anyone tried this?

    WeedChip Active Member

    Not sure on the answer to your question but there is a limit to the amount of THC the butter will absorb, absorption slows as the butter becomes more saturated so you waste more and more the stronger you make your butter.

    You could try a recipie that uses more butter per serving to increase the strength of the final product, but you've probably thought of that ;)

    poplars Well-Known Member

    yep it works, but only to an extent, you gotta make sure you don't overload the butter.

    but yes, I have doublecooked butter before and came out with SUPER POTENT results that were overwealming!
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    justgrowit Active Member

    Thanks bro...

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Whats overloading the butter ?

    I dont see how thats possible,i just made butter using an ounce of hash in the 1st batch & 50 grams hash in the 2nd batch,both pounds of butter broke down the hash to oil form where it blended in with the butter.

    I dont think its possible to overload butter with thc.

    poplars Well-Known Member

    anythings possible, because it hasn't been studied we can't be sure... I do know that it can hold a LOT though...

    ClamDigger Active Member

    coconut oil is a more pure form of fat,
    butter is 80% fat (read the nutritional information, 8g fat per 10g serving)
    coconut oil is 100% fat.
    10g of fat per 10g serving.
    because the THC binds to the fat molecules, and coconut oil has more fat then butter, coconut oil is going to yeild a more potent product.

    i just made a batch,
    1LB (454g) of Pure Coconut Oil ($10.99)
    1 Yogurt Container PACKED full of small nug, cut with knife when frozen (it crumbles easily when frozen)
    and about 2 cups of water.
    put the oil and water in crock pot on high until you see the first sign of boiling (bubbles forming on the edge of pot)
    then add crushed weed, and stir frequently. when the mixture starts to boil turn down to Low and leave the lid half off, you want the mixture to simmer, so only boiling around the edges (dont fully BOIL, just barley bubbling around the edge). remember, your crock pot is probably different then mine, so watch closely.
    after around 12 hours, pour thru a strainer lined with a few layers of cheesecloth, then wring the last of the oil from the weed, and let your water/oil mix cool in fridge. after a few hours in the fridge (it needs to fully cool down) a layer of oil will form at the top of your container, pour off the water into a different container and scrape up your tasty CannaCoconut oil!

    orellej Well-Known Member

    i used coconut oil instead of butter and it is many times as strong as the butter was, same recipe. i use an electric food processing grinder that turns everything into powder, then water and oil in a crock pot for 20 hours or so at 160 degrees. then i put a nylon over a container and filter the solids out.
    as mentioned, the fat can only hook up with so much of the cannabis until you are just wasting it. i weigh out 4 grams of some cookies i made and that is plenty to take care of pain. with butter i had to eat a whole cookie.

    CharasBros Member

    I think, that whole extraction techs been over complicated. Why not just grind hash with hot water in a blender and then filter it. that will solve first step -removing of fiber, and no need in use of expensive and hard to get solvents. Then next step can be adding hot oil into hot extract. As cannabiods are lipophlic it will bind with oil and separate from water content. To get more clean product last step can be repeated. Extraction with hot water can be improved by using ultasound cleaning batch, not so costly device.

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    Two ounces of shake n trim n small bud per lb of butta is more than anyone can handle
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    Tomathy Member

    You can put too much THC into butter, I have NO IDEA what the saturation limit is for butter/thc, but it's the same concept as any other solution. You can only dissolve so much into a solvent before you can't anymore.

    CaptainCAVEMAN Well-Known Member

    Adding lecithin will make the coconut oil even more bio-available.[​IMG]

    check out the sticky in the cooking section by bad kitty smiles.[​IMG]

    Confucious Active Member

    I have done this as well and it does call for some potent budder. I did this because I went a ahead and cooked my regular batch of budder with my trim using a pound of butter to 3 to 4 0z. of good dry cured trim and then strained it and all that good stuff after cooking it and went back and put it in the crock pot and threw about 7 g or so of some of my wax and re cooked for so long, then I just put it in dish and throw it in the fridge. Also make sure no to over cook or not to get to hot and burn up your product.

    Confucious Active Member

    LMFAO. hahahaha.

    sacpirate Active Member

    we do 560 grams per lb of butter.

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    You must be using absolute garbage fan leaves n schwag trim. That's way too much for quality trim n shake.

    sacpirate Active Member

    no fan leaves. all popcorn and sugar leaf. our products have been lab tested and are the leading edibles in norcals top clubs. trim used is, 91 chem dog/og, gdp, gsc and blue dream. occasionally mix in sum cherry pie and kandy kush but that farmer blasts most of his trim.

    poplars Well-Known Member

    right on man care to share any of your methods to guaranteeing a 100% active product?

    sacpirate Active Member

    we actually only achieved 97% activation. but pure analyticals said it was the highest rate of activation they had ever tested. we cook @220-230° for about 90 mins stirring every 5 mins or so

    2Kushed Active Member

    First off Corso312, you crack me the fuck up!

    The way you guarantee 100% active product is to watch the product decarb or to decarb by some other method, and then have your product lab tested.

    I make EtOH extracted concentrate using 190-proof Everclear. After extraction, I purge material at 140F 5-10 hrs (as needed), and if I am going to make caps with it, I decarb. I put a beaker with hash in it in a pot of veg oil sitting on three Mason jar rings. I heat to 250F and watch the small bubbles that form as decarboxylation occurs. As soon as they stop, Veolia! I don't wait for the last bubble, as THC has started or will start dropping at that point.

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