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    meetjoeblow Well-Known Member

    So I want to make a relatively quiet hydro setup so I was planning to get rid of my air pumps and setup a low pressure aero. But I want to know if I can incorporate foggers.I know the foggers produce too fine a mist to feed the girls. But can anyone tell me if the lpa feeds the plant, will the fogger s promote root hair growth?
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    full of purple

    full of purple Well-Known Member

    Should work because in theory it will be upping the humidity in the small area
    Uncle Reefer

    Uncle Reefer Well-Known Member

    I like it,
    you must pay close attention to the foggers water temps, foggers make a lot of btus

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    I doubt it. I tried cheap pond foggers maybe 8 years ago. cause it sounded good. 2 problems

    1. too much heat, although if on a deep cycle tmer could be controlled
    2. The ceramic disc cannot handle more than ~ 300ppm will quickly die

    If you plan to feed them from a central rez, use a small lp pump with venturi on a deep cycle timer to keep nutes oxygenated between feedings. I run 3-4 minutes on 20-30 minutes off
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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    skip the LPA and do whatever these guys do. check out the roots on these bitches.


    XipXipXoom Active Member

    Fogger droplets are too small and LPA droplets are too big.

    Read up on Fatman's Medium Pressure Aero. His setup gets you into the right droplet size range without the need for pressure tanks.

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    I tried MPA/HPA for ~ 4 grows. Part of the problem was I was using the wrong nutes (non sterile), and temps in my grow room during 8 months of the year are too hot: tiny roothairs are extremely sensitive to 70*+ temps.

    Add to that the need for deep root chambers which most small growers do not hive adequate height to accommodate

    Plus constant mixing of nutes due to D2W

    This led me back to F & D

    JSB99 Well-Known Member

    Here's a pretty good article on Fogponics. It's a cool concept, and the roots get really really fine, because the water droplets are small enough to be considered "vapor". I've used them to add humidity to my grow when the space was too tight to fit a cool-mist humidifier. The problem is the atomizers (or "Ultrasonic Nebulizers") get cruddy with salts and minerals really fast. You have to clean them constantly. There are specific atomizers for fogponics that use a stronger discs, but I don't know how well these work in comparison.

    There are all sorts of Ultrasonic Nebulizers out there, if you browse around.

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