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    Any Updates ???

    My friend just started 20 Swami/Nevils original release x NL5 x Hz. Whats the Yield like ?? Just how potent is it ???

    Swami Blue Orca Haze

    Hazemans/NDNGuy/Nevils 88 G13 x Hash Plant

    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    You have NO IDEA how friggin jealous I am of you! I was lucky enough to pick up some land race Jamaican Lambs Bread & Durban Poison... but Im having to wait until next spring (have to go outdoor w/em)... anyone want to trade any NL5 X NH for Jamaican or Durban beans, hit me up for sure. Interested in the good old, "for advanced, medical smokers only", version... Swammi's, I believe. Dont wanna name names, but the 10 beans of NL5xhaze (7females) that came from a major seed co, was just NOT what I remember it being... seemed higher yield, way lower potency, less frost... just disappointing. And Im talking about the 3 keepers! I always hear that weed is getting better & more potent... but what the hell happened to that late 80's-mid 90's NEXT LEVEL weed, that people used to INSIST was laced? (rotflmao!) Oh, how I miss thee! Lol
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    If the place you got your NL5/Hz starts with an S, and ends with an I, and also has an ens in it ?? I also found them to not be in the same universe. Junk actually

    Also the Other Seed Bank Version, that starts with an MR, and is better than the S version, but still no cigar. Still about half strength.

    I also agree the modern version produced more bud, but less oil, and terpenes.

    Ive also been smoking since I was 8 yers old, and I'm 58, and have smoked a lot of good weed, incl all the stuff that's supposed to be so good ect. And have grown a lot of it.

    NONE of the modern weed was for me, as powerful as what I originally had in the 90s. I had a few strains in the 70s that would compare, but as far as all the Kush, Super Silver Haze, Ghost Train Haze, C99, AK47, NL#5, original non fem Barneys G13 x Haze, DJ Short Blue Moonshine, Blueberry, Grape Krush, Mr Nice Ortega, Mr Nice Shit, Mr Nice Critical Mass, Kosher Kush, Jack the Ripper, Tangie, AK x NL5, Willie Nelson, Original Pure Rhino.. Not White Rhino....God Bud, Sensi Mr Nice G13 x Haze, Martian Mean Green, NYC Diesel, Herijuana, Green Manalishi, Afghani #1, Non Fem Barneys Sweet Tooth, White Russian, White Rhino, White Widow, Chemdawg, Pre 98 Bubba Kush, Dank Sinatra, and others.

    I'm hoping the original NL5/Hz, Blue Orca Haze end my search.

    I also plan on breeding the NL5/Hz Male x Hazeman/NDNGuy/Nevils 88 G13 x HP
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Ive heard Blue Orca crosses (Blue Orca Haze) a lot in the "potency" discussion, as well. Refreshing, as lately it seems like chems are completely dominating the "potency racket" Dont get me wrong... i LOVE me some chem! Chemdawg-D, OG Chem, real deal chem 91 & 4... big fan. But I do miss the STRAIGHT FIRE of my youth, you know? But everybody (yours truly included) got busted, or had to tear down suddenly or had disaster strike, & late switch to "clone only" propagation techniques proved disastrous, as a raid shut everybody down... & permanently cost the local, underground grow community, 2 generations of strain hunting/breeding/collecting... unfortunately, the network of support just didnt exist for growers, like it does now. And if it did, the police state wouldve insinuated two-faced, lying agents to ruin lives, & destroy it for everybody... sorry... still bitter lol Doing better, though... bitterness is poison ✌ Sorry for the rambling post... still reeling, a bit shell shocked lol
    I had a disaster today, (or an on-going disaster that came to a head today hahaha) & I was way, way down & stressed... but then an equally surprising blessing, just sort of "fell into my lap", & basically "levelled out" a VERY bad situation :) I will preserve their anonymity- but they wonderfully, AWESOMELY, blind-sided me with kindness & that isnt all... I got an email that a brand new inline is on its way - wasnt expecting it... my exact "organic whole foods mollasses" that I use, was given free in a food bank box we just got... a msg that free landrace beans are coming my way... all within the last 24-36 hrs?! And then ankther miracle this afternoon... Thank You! To all my brothers and sisters for your positive energy! Rarely has this much positive energy/karma -( label how u will), hit me at once & I have been in a DAZE how fast it went from great to horrible to even greater! Lol
    Shutting up now & promise to be more succinct in the future. Thanks everybody! ✌✌♥️♥️☺️
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Wow, do I know you? Hahaha lmao Seriously though, youre speaking my exact language, thinking my exact thoughts. And YES! You know exactly what Im talking about with the NL5XNH... I wondered if they were lying to me! Lol But yah - trying to lock down a FOR SURE source, as I am on a fixed income & cant replace failed purchass easily, if at all.
    Now, I dont know that Iv personally smoked any of Swammi's Blue Orca&/or its crosses, but pleanty of folk insist it definitely is in the same league as the NL5/NH, so Im after that one as well, too. Its just unavailable... I dont mind strain hunting for phenos... IF the beans are legit, you know? But its SOOO disappointing, to THINK you have the goodness, only to grow it out a bit & have that bad "sinking sensation" when u realize it isnt what u hoped... *sigh* Happened a few times for me, trying to find the goodness ;)

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    The Blue Orca Haze IS Available, and is Swamis Favorite. I believe the BOH may have a better yield. $100 for 15 seeds.

    I also cant speak for Swami, but when I ordered 2 orders of the NL5/Hz, he gave me 12 freebies of BOH, and 9 Extra of the NL5/Hz.

    I just ordered 1 order of the BOH on Friday, and asked Swami for more Freebie BOH if he is giving anymore freebies out. Ive seen a few of thee in veg, in photos, and 1 pheno I saw was truly outstanding, with huge secondary branching.

    He was really really generous with the seeds, and they all were really dark, and mature.

    Check out this Blue Orca Haze, in what looks like a 5 -10 gallon Bucket!!!! Hot Damn IMHO that's a nice looking plant. Should produce like a MFr.


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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    I got ratted out by my partner in 97, and did 5 years in Federal Prison, and 8.5 Years Supervised Release. He was 70, I was 40. I'm almost 59. A couple more months. I had more supervised release than anyone at the prison.

    Bank Robbers only got 3 years supervised release. I got 8.5.

    He got 0 time.

    Feds got my stuff.

    I had 1000 clones. Gave 500 to my partner to grow on his 2000 acre farm.

    Mine was a Mandatory Minimum, of 10-Life, and a $3,000,000-$5,000,000 fine.. With Prison Time, and Supervised Release, I got 13.5 years, and they waived the fine.

    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Yah, correct on the 1st guess... the other version was a very well known dutch company that has a ton of cups... again, big yielder, but "meh" potency... its maddening. :/ Im hoping SO much that Swammi's version works out, & gives me even ONE oldschool lady... Idk, though... its a lot of $ for me to be risking when Im not sure, you know? Might just stick with the landrace indicas & sativas...
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    That is just straight evil, man... theyre terrorizing an entire segmant of the population! I got lucky because I was 17 when we got nailed, plus i wasnt there at "go time"... my uncle fortunately got lucky as well, as we had 96 plants total, and just barely slid under the 100 plant mark. So his case was a state superior court case, & he bankrupted himself to hire Patrick Stylie. He did beat it, but the whole ordeal drove him straight into cocaine, crack, opiates... ughh... just terrible. Raids on gardens = state sponsored terrorism!!!
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    You need to get over to Colorado or the west coast! (if youre not already there lol) It sucks having to jump through hoops to get it, but I love the dr's auth system in WA state... The peace of mind is SO precious to me... ridiculous the constant stress and fear that the feds try and make growers live in :(
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Wow... pretty, pretty... Never tried the BOH...
    Would you recommend for someone who is trying to find a close approximation of the oldschool, "next level" NL5xNH? Been VERY disappointed with the seed companies Iv tried thus far... the nl5xnh they are selling is just NOT what I remember... its just regular weed now *sigh* Still... if the BOH is close... Id def be willing to dive in and do some pheno hunting :) Thoughts, advice appreciated. I found the unicorn, "Chemdawg-D", yet am somehow striking out, year after year on the dang nl5 haze :/

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Theres still good breeders around.

    Bodhi, Hazeman, Topdawg, Motarebel, Sannies, all sell great stuff. There are others.

    Also don't discount the Hazeman G13 x Haze. Many feel the original Chemdawg genetics come from this strain, or a relative. Many OG/Fuel/Diesel/Hash tastes/smells in 88 G13 x HP. Its also a good producer.

    Actually if I was going to make seeds, I would use the Swami NL5/Hz x G13/HP Female. Hands Down. These will make F1 Hybrids. Not saying the BOH wouldnt cross out good, but will still not be F1 Hybrids. The NL5/Hz, and G/HP are both Stabilized, which will produce F1. BOH is already a hybrid.

    Yep. The BOH is a 1971 Kandahar Afghani Female x 1976 Dealers Choice Thai Male, and is called Blue Orca, and is not available. Doesn't get much more Old School than that.

    Then Swami takes a NL5/HZ Male, and crosses that into the Blue Orca Female. Thus. Blue Orca Haze.

    The grower says it can be even more potent than the NL5/Hz. My 90s stuff was a cross of NL5/Hz Male x G13/HP x Skunk #1 Female.

    Also remember some of the NL5/Hz can go 12 weeks. As can BOH. Many are done in 70-75 days. Just a reminder.

    But the BOH is supposed to be an upgrade in taste, and not as paranoia inducing, but just as strong in its own way.

    nxsov180db Well-Known Member

    Is Blue Orca Haze just temporarily unavailable or permentantly unavailable?

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    The BOH IS Available.

    You would need to send for a Seed Request, and he will send an email with the list.

    I just ordered another pack Friday, and got the new list. Here it is.

    Blue Orca Haze 100
    Blue Orca Haze x (Vietnam Black x The One/Panama) 100
    Blue Orca Haze x (Neville's Haze/Malawi x a5haze/Thai) 100
    Blue Orca x (The Black x 91 NL#5/Neville's Haze) aka 'Bliss' 100
    Blue Orca x Blue Mystic/PPP Bx1 75
    Mr. GreenGenes Cherry Bomb 1979 Maui Wowie IBL 80
    Durban Bubble x Nigerian Sunshine 80
    Kahuna Bud x Cherry Bomb 80
    (Kali Mist x Burmese/Cherry Bomb) x Mazar-I-Shariff/Guerrero aka 'V Shiva' 80
    Mazar-I-Shariff x Pakistan Chitral Kush 80
    Mazar-I-Shariff x Punto Rojo 100
    Mazar-I-Shariff x Guerrero 80
    NL#5 x Neville's Haze F4 100
    Nigerian Blue Haze (Nigerian Blue x NL5haze 80
    Nigerian Sunshine 80
    Nigerian Sunshine x (Nigerian Sunshine x Blue Mystic/PPP) 80
    The One x Pakistan Chitral Kush 100
    The One x (The Black x 91 NL#5/Neville's Haze) aka 'Yogi' 100
    The One x Punto Rojo 100
    Velvet Rush X NL#5/Neville's Haze 100
    Vietnam Black x The One/Panama 100
    Zazen x (Velvet Rush x NL#5/Neville's Haze) aka 'Guru' 100
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    My alternative "Guess" is GH??? Junk. IMHO.

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Also a heads up.

    In 4 weeks these will be added to the Swami List. Hes going to have some stuff with the Original RKS.

    Blue Orca x the black/nl5haze x Punto Rojo

    The One x Punto Rojo

    TO /Pakistani x Punto Rojo

    Purple Zebra x Punto Rojo

    (Mazar/Guerrero x 91 NL5haze) x Punto Rojo

    Mazar/Guerrero x Punto Rojo

    cherry bomb x 85 humboldt RKS/Guadalajara
    to x 85
    nl5 x 85
    Bo x 85

    to x tribal African (Pweto village congo x Transkei)
    bo/to x Tribal African

    (mazar/Guerrero x nl5haze f2 1 2 3 4) x Punto Rojo

    paki/choco x paki/choco
    to x paki/choco
    to/Panama x paki/choco
    paki choco x Punto Rojo

    purple zebra x Punto Rojo
    Nigerian Sunshine x Punto Rojo

    swami k cut Nigerian Sunshine x a1 f2 Nigerian Sunshine
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Yuuup... and I couldnt agree more. Their NL5xnh & their NL5 x nh "mist", were SOOOO disappointing. A 20 seed run netted a half dozen keepers, a half dozen BADLY hermied culls (as in, "holy crap... are these REAL hermaphrodites?"), & an equal # of non-germination & junk that was culled before flowering. Of the handful that we let finish, 2 phenos were apparent - I super tall, skinny, very sweet popcorn bud yielder, that made me wonder if it was even the right strain, & the rest were medium height, w/a stronger earthy (just strong "weed" smell) smell & taste... potency was not terrible, but not above mediocre, either.
    Thanks to everyone who posted &/or messaged me about Swami's gear... Upon talking to him & discussing a few questions I had, it became apparent that he was EXACTLY who I had been hoping to find... I just didnt know it yet :) So HUGE thanks! Let the pheno hunt begin! Lol
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Aaaand there goes MY seed budget for the year! Lol :D
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Jeez... looking at the new swami crosses... WOW... Itd take me a lifetime to properly pheno hunt through all that ripper weed!!! Man... just... wow... RKS to NL5 & Blue Orca? Forget about it.. You better get an ionizer to back up your carbon filter! Lol :D
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