Tastyled T2 or Timber?

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by purpleball, Jan 11, 2017.


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    Well since the Tasty-T2-2100 is around 150w and the Timber is around 250w and they both use cobs, I'll take the Timber any day simply because it gives you almost twice as much power. 150w in a 2'x4' is less than 20w per sqft. I think you will want at least 30-35w per sqft at minimum.

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    If I went with the tasty I was planning to get one now and use it with the blurples for a grow or two and then get another one. Would one along with the two blurples work well until I got another or not worth it you think? I'd end up getting 50w more at 300 watt with two tastys but I'd have to wait for second light and would all together be like $600

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    no comparison. I would go with the timber unit, 250w vs 150w no brainer, get the Timber for a $100 extra you get an extra 100w, that is cheap.
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