Texas Hemp? Subcool??? Sicc???? calling old friends

So, May I grow hemp in Texas now?
Did I hear corecetly SUBCOOL passed away????? Im sorry ive been away along time i got a divorce and everything went to shit. But Im truley upset over this.
Where's Sicc?

btw, this is muntanlizzard, I lost that account in hurricane rita way back.


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hemp is legal now to cultivate in the US.
RIP subcool, what an inspiration for me.. what a good guy, sharing all his knowledge with the world!
im really upset about sub i didnt see this happening. second what is required to grow hemp. you say permits, please point me in the right direction, i want to do it 100% legal. someone have mizzjill call me ill msg my number, its to aquire a cbd and hemp strain. I only breed with TGA Stock and i intend to keep it that way. I made a mistake leaving riu 8 yrs ago, but i promise i wont do it again.