The beautiful human anatomy


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At least the idiot reactivated this thread and got us a new pic! How’s everyone holding up?
Lols they were definitely his intentions, and look he succeeded.
Although I should post a disclaimer;
I have distorted this image to emulate the image of a woman weighing approx. 130lb and have disguised/concealed/edited at least 4tonnes of *bast mass out of the image.

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I posted this pic in another thread last week then got cold feet and removed it.
I’m sporting some dutch courage right now tho soo...View attachment 4546092

And in the case dope fly is watching from the outskirts, here’s the original picView attachment 4546093
power point and all... ;)
Thank fuck for dutch courage

Love meself some plug an play action...
Oh wait now i see that powerpoint :hug:


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I actually went back a few pages and everybody has their own tastes and everybody is beautiful and al that, but god damn clean your fingernails.