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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by 420OldSchoolDJ420, Sep 5, 2009.


    Sir72 Well-Known Member

    You can get a 12 pack of 23w 2700k cfl's at Home Depot for 17.99

    Morriston55 Well-Known Member

    But who wants 300 watts of cfls in flower? And only 65lumen /watt

    I wouldnt mind trying a cheap LED panel to veg plants, but personally an HPS is still top dog for small-medium grow areas. Could have both a cheap LED and 600HPS enclosed hood for under $300 spent, and switch lights when going to flower

    Any led panels going on sale cyber monday
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    Ecosunlite CREE LED

    Ecosunlite CREE LED Well-Known Member

    gold lion

    gold lion Well-Known Member

    anybody know where i could find a 2x4x3 grow tent? 2 feet deep, 4 feet wide, 3 feet tall. 24x48x36. i can't believe i can't find one anywhere ><

    Igotthe6 Well-Known Member

    gold lion

    gold lion Well-Known Member


    Kinkz Active Member

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    Igotthe6 Well-Known Member

    spend the extra $30,it's worth it.
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    Kinkz Active Member

    Cool, thank you for the heads up!

    I don't doubt one bit that what you linked is better but I'm a newb in understanding these new gen lights and am rather interested in understanding the comparison between say that fixture and if you were to assemble a cheap kit yourself using these parts:
    $33 - Mogul to CMH Adapter (
    $140 - 315w CMH Ballast (
    $74 - Sun System Reflector (
    ($246 for the first fixture, $173 for the second fixture using an already owned hood )

    Including the phillips bulbs in what you linked it's $640 for two fixtures versus the potential $540 if buying things individually, curious on the specifics/maybe if at all possible some explanation on why the mogul adapter idea isn't as efficient (only common sense to me, just not sure why?).

    Igotthe6 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure how true it is,but,I heard the conversions are total garbage. B.T.W. that does include a bulb. Personally I would rather go for something purpose built. That would be 528 with shipping bulbs and all.
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    tharoomman Well-Known Member

    Heat can be an issue with HID, and price with LED.

    I agree tho, a 150 watt hps over cfl if possible.
    Big smo

    Big smo Well-Known Member

    I was just sent the mars data and the mars 300 came back at 44.95 lm/w looks like cfl's are a touch better.
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    thccbdhealth Well-Known Member


    Igotthe6 Well-Known Member

    I just purchased same light.They use same ballast and come with phillips green bulb.

    IndoorScore Active Member

    How's the lamp been working out for you so far? this seems like the best deal to get a 315 dedicated fixture in a 3x3 tent no?

    Looking to do exactly that, and this is the best price (with bulb) I've found. Nanolux fixtures are around the same with no bulb, so +~70 for the bulb to get a vert bulb setup (probably actually worse for a tent). Let me know how you like it if you would, probably the most viable contender I've ran across without dealing with conversions to mogul etc that seem to probably defeat the purpose of saving elec.

    Johnhorror Active Member

    Looking for a cheap DWC set up with 10-12 buckets and recirculated reservoir any help would be much appreciated thanks

    Igotthe6 Well-Known Member

    I run 2 in a 4x4 tent. yeilds better than my 1000 hps. last run was 1 lb. 11 oz super sticky.I'm useing the lamp that came with them wich seems to work well.Like I said most of the ballasts are made in china with a lick-n-stick label on them.I just picked up 2 more to replace other hps.Got them both christmas morning on ebay for $188 eac with bulbs.

    Igotthe6 Well-Known Member


    IndoorScore Active Member

    None up for sale right now unfortunately, that looks like a steal. Probably going to buy the nanolux @240ish and grab the phillips bulb. I've had good luck with their customer service and ballasts in the past. How's your heat? What are you using for exhaust?

    Igotthe6 Well-Known Member

    minimal,4inch exaust and scrubber keep it on point.
    Try calling the guy. You may have to wait a few for a new shipment,I know another place if you want 10 or more they only run $70 each.

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