The end is near

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    The end is near,
    The beginning of the end is already over,
    And so it goes with the tugging and snipping,
    Over and over, hanging, drying, snipping, curing,
    Never-ending bullshit just to get high.

    Get your seeds, prep your soil, compost, perlite,
    Mix it up with lime, kelp, and secret sauce,
    and that's just the end of the beginning,
    put unfettered life on hold and sow them seeds,
    Never ending bullshit just to get high.

    Check your temps, rh too high, water filter getting old,
    Transplant them up, water as needed, ballast burning out,
    Watch for bugs, expect the worst, mold will drive you mad,
    Brew some teas and clean up that mess, are you kidding me?
    Never ending bullshit just to get high.
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    Final Phase

    Final Phase Well-Known Member

    Okay, that's where I was at a long time ago...
    Now I do it all so I can feel "normal"
    Without tons of anxiety so I can go about my day in a normal fashion.

    Sure I enjoy a good buzz, but the best part is just feeling good to be feeling well.

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