The flush "myth"

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    Yeah, You get to choose, more flavour, more yield, or more punch.
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    So I am going to mix some blue light and some uva and b with my hps.

    But I can't keep my room cool with more light so I have to build in the basement next.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I am enjoying this part of the season. The smiley face on the hygrometer meets me 80% of the day, with just cracking the door open and running the extractor every 2 hours or so.
    Summers gets sick here though. Need to get some insulation in the roof for that room before then, so I can run the AC with less juice.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Actually, Jorge did it first.... Some one here (or used to be here) was with him for most of what I speak. He's close with Jorge and actually has pics of many of his grows in Jorge's books.
    Like I said, Jorge actually made and sold, his own HID systems. He used to have a NCali grow shop and sold them through that. Till the FED stepped in a quashed that one!

    He actually spoke quite a bit on the experiments from back then, in a thread that (sadly) was lost in the last site crash....

    Ed took it farther with the "science" end charting. Kind of the next step thing....I am bigger fan of Ed too....
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    CriticalCheeze Well-Known Member

    Urban Remo. Enough said. That guy grows monster dongs.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    I like to experiment with nutrient teas. It is similar to top-dressing, but becomes available to the plant much faster.
    It's true that organic soil tends to attract pests more than mediums that do not contain humus, but they can be controlled and eliminated if your plants are still in veg. Oil-based products like neem and 'rid bugs' work great. Spinosad and insecticidal soap mixed together also work great.
    If you end up with bugs in flower, options are few & far between. Mighty wash is the most effective with the least amount of residue, but it's expensive.
    I like having worms in my soil with the plants, but if I ever decide to give them a strong dose of synthetic nutes, the worms want to get the fuck out & end up in the runoff tray. Some bugs are good to have around, but it's hard to tell the difference. A few weeks ago, I top-dressed three of my plants with worm castings that were so fresh, they were crawling with bugs. There were even tiny white bugs there were jumping! It was freaky. Pretty sure some of them were green lacewing larvae because I've seen adult lacewings around my bin -- and they totally kick ass! Bottom line: not only did the plant love the castings, virtually all of the fungus gnats disappeared. Not exactly sure why, but I bet it was from the good bugs. Spider mite population seems to have decreased significantly. There's a giant tomato plant in the same vicinity, and it has also shown noticeable improvement.
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    stnr420 Well-Known Member

    And.....the theory behind flushing is to get the plants to use all its reserves of n p k and starches....which are mobile....

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    They don't use the stores. They move to new growth. Hence being mobile nutrients.

    Again. Articulate or show the science behind flushing.
    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    have you thought about bottom feeding the nutient teas in the later stages of flower & letting the medium wick it up ?
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    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    I've done that with synthetics but not with tea because they are usually full of little bits of organic stuff that wouldn't get through fabric pots. I guess it's really a hybrid between top-dressing & liquid feed because there's always new organic solids added to the top.
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    I credit them with getting me into growing somewhat, right or wrong they wrote books and that inspired people to buy seed and soil thus becoming long term growers.

    People can hate them but they kickstarted a lot of growers and at a time when books were more freely available than the internet. Not all bad i'd say.
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    I do use ocean forest. It has organics bugs like. And I forgot to say I do get springtails on and off. They are tiny white jumping bugs. They are beneficial.
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Can they jump or what....!
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    That's the very reason I prefer mixed spectrum and run t5 for a long time.

    I have no test to back it but the pot I grew under mixed spectrum including uv was better. The high was more complex and the taste more robust.

    I will also say that any of these arguments is null if the grower can't grow. A lot of it comes down to the grower. How much time that is put in it.

    Anything done with love and passion behind it is better than the same done for just money.

    I also say to each thier own. What works for a person is what works for them.

    I am also open minded. I've probably tried every every grow technique there is.
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    Somebody mentioned lacewings.
    I have an unlimited supply of lacewing eggs on a seedless purple plum tree aside from winter. No bugs this year other than gnats in my grow but if leaf miners or anything else show up and the eggs are available to me I'm gonna try to deploy as many eggs as I can. This pic just taken. It's cool to watch them after they hatch as they eat the stalk. First time I ever saw one I thought it was the egg of a bad bug and hosed down the tree and poured some spinosad into the soil, till I learned better here on RIU that it was a lacewing egg.
    Good reading on the last few pages.
    I agree with ANC. Growers did not have the same knowledge of Organics or hydroponics back in the 70's like today IMO. They did not have hps to my knowledge. At least not in my 1975 grow book that wrote about high output Gro Lux flouresent bulbs.
    I agree with whitebb2727 also.
    How many millions of dollars are poored in to the marketing of hydroponic weed and marketing new strains and the best weed "EVER"?
    How many $'s are poured into marketing organic weed?
    Oh! This thread is about flushing, sorry.
    Should I flush? I'm two weeks from harvest.
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    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    Lacewing larvae, AKA 'aphid lions' are ferocious little bastards and will resort to cannibalism after eating all the bad bugs. Very good to have around!

    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Will they bite a human? :-)
    mr sunshine

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    I'm inventing new techniques left and right. Flash flooding homie, it's between making it rain and a flush. Add some powerade for maximum flavor profile and electrolytes.
    Dr.Nick Riviera

    Dr.Nick Riviera Well-Known Member

    how about flooding with a slurpee, pure flavor and sugar homie.:bigjoint:
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