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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by lozac123, Apr 8, 2009.

    ae86 grower

    ae86 grower Well-Known Member

    your like my dad, he can fix anything and i mean anything... but theres always a few bits left over afterwards...
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    mikegrower Member

    Update on my little girls hardcore LST

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    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Fucking still killing me but fuck it.
    My dehumidifier is aldi and its better than my delong one lol.
    Gonna put my dehumidifier in the shed and start setting my shit in there for the next week till its all good to take out

    eyelid Well-Known Member

    have you purchased from them before? the one person who chimed in about them didn't have great things to say. forgot who at the moment
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    nidgy Well-Known Member

    Hows things fellas ? good to see the thread flying ☺86 u the man !

    @Spud @slipper very nice grows goin on yiz know your stuff,i tip my hat to ye
    The wife still wont let me grow,think ill have to go the shed route,gonna build it nex month,ah well at least i can build it with the grow space in mind.
    @slipper tylex is the ones you want brother codeine phosphate 30mg 500mg paracetamol,if they dont work then its prob nerve pain !
    Lyrica is the one for nerve pain☺

    Keep it goin fellas this thread rocks
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    nidgy Well-Known Member

    Few good growers here @budsahoi i tip my hat to you aswell !

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    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    With tge old benzo habbit I cant just pop anything nidgy lol codeine is safe cuz I dont find any recreational value in em.lyrica sounds tasty lol

    ThatSpudGuy Well-Known Member

    Lyrica fuck you up man. The mother in law has cancer and she was taking mad doses of them along with everything else like the oxys and that. She was so bad thinking there was dogs in her hospital ward and everything. Just be careful with them lad
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    Growboss Member

    Evening lads
    Good to see peeps getting 86 back in the game
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    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Id a bad spell with benzos so ill stay clear of the lyrica.
    All codeine does to me in high doses makes me itchy and maybe a little sleepy
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    nidgy Well-Known Member

    I agree spud lyrica can fuck u up have to b careful with the dose !
    Have to say there some tablet for pain , have a herniated disc im on the tylex and lyrica some wack off them im supposed to take 300mg twice a day if i take one and two tylex and smoke a few joints i blow the head off
    There very addictive so i only take one when the pain is bad ive a serious build up of them and tylex,
    If i took the two a day like the doctors say id b high every day.
    Cunts tryin to kill
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    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    The mother gave me a few solpadol n theyre 30mg codeine n 500mg paracetamol but I dont like taking that much paracetamol so ive a few boxes of codeine 30mg coming for further pain management if needs be
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    ae86 grower

    ae86 grower Well-Known Member

    evening all...

    you going to be a shed grower after all hahahaha....
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    ae86 grower

    ae86 grower Well-Known Member

    yeah bought from the shop, the clerk hadn`t a notion about the beans i wanted, butthey were helpful in the resppect they took my money hahahaha, ah i only deal with them as its in and out and cash....

    also there only a 20 min drive away..
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    budsahoi Well-Known Member

    Nothing like a cash transaction.

    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Nah its way too cold,gonna move my shit to the shed n back the same day,thank fuck I didn't flip to flowering ye
    ae86 grower

    ae86 grower Well-Known Member

    yeah shes a cold one, rainy here aswell so shit combo..

    yeah bit lucky, that your not in flower even late flower ... thats would be a pain in the balls, love the way you look on the bright side slipper...

    i`d be as grumpy as fuck over it, and a bad back too.. head wrecker..

    @buds... nothing like it, in and out... well in... 30 mins of being like a kid in a sweet shop then out....
    ae86 grower

    ae86 grower Well-Known Member

    go for it nidgy, be like a little man cave, or you putting up a big lump of a shed...
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    ae86 grower

    ae86 grower Well-Known Member

    evening to you buddy, how goes all...

    great game to be in, won`t be out of it again...

    ThatSpudGuy Well-Known Member

    Doctors dont give a fuck about ye man all they care about is keeping you so out of it that your not able to be in wrecking there heads and plus the more they get you to buy tablets and prescriptions the more money they get payed. Its all a money racket for big pharma
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