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    I'll give this a shot when I get back into the closet soon.

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    It balances the growth/flower hormones.

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    My main colas are fairly even, I have one pheno that is shorter than the others which is now sitting on a platform to level it off with the others.

    After my first and second defoliation, I decided to leave some stronger lower growth sites to fill in the centers of my manifolds.

    These tops are 6"-8" shorter than the main colas. Would I get major benefits from tying down mains halfway through flower?

    I'm just trying to figure out the best tying technique this far in. I need to use the cage as I can't setup a trellis or scrog net since I like to take these girls out for watering and to move them around every few days so everyone gets equal light distribution.

    Any suggestions on technique is greatly appreciated and welcomed.

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    my humble attempt at mainlining. my 3rd plant and 3rd mainline

    Nirvana Blackjack fem Day 58F

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    NIce job! Chunky buds
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    Thanks! the top 5-6" are are rock hard, too. nirvana claims 9-11 weeks so harvest in 3 weeks.

    Not organic though, she is in DWC

    here is pic of my next girl, just topped yesterday

    00 Seeds Northern Lights - Day 22 from seed

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    being not very smart, I am bit confused on what to do next with my baby NL.

    i followed nebula's guide to mainlining at growweedeasy for my 1st 3 plants,

    I want to do it like nugbuckets, looking at his demo on page 1 here, it seems i already fucked it up

    this is my girl today day 24 from seed, 2 days after topping,


    also a pic what i am wanting to end up with

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    FredFlintstoner0420 Well-Known Member

    How did you mess up?

    Give her a few days to recover and put on new growth and then top for 4. Rinse and repeat, wait for new healthy active growth and top for 8.

    I think you're right on track bro!

    PS: I have only tried Nebulas method as I'm limited by time but am planning on doing one or two larger plants in bigger pots and stronger lighting in the future using Nugbuckets technique.
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    Day 34 Go Time by Jinxproof Genetics TGA Genetics...

    It's definitely a white Christmas!

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    Only functional difference from nugbuckets to nebula versions that I see are:
    • nugbuckets forces sex at 21 days and first topping leaves 2 clone nodes below the hub
    • nebula goes quickly from seed to 8 heads more uniformly

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    nugbuckets leaves the node below for a while

    yeah, i don't need to sex as they are feminized,

    nebula is top after 5-6 nodes to the 3rd and strip everything, let those grow out 4 nodes, top to 3rd again, strip the 2nd node clean, leaving 1st and 3rd

    i already fucked up the nugbucket way, by not leaving the lower node,
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    There's always next time!
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    ok, she is ready for 2nd topping,

    i cut at the red x, right?

    Day 25F

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    Nirvana White Widow Growing like a head of lettuce 20161231_172958.jpg 20161231_173024.jpg

    perkele Well-Known Member

    snapped few stems doing it, but overall it is a cool technic.
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    That is going to blow up. :0)

    Good luck.
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    Coyote The Great

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    Chopped the first of 5 a couple days ago. Pakistan Valley - pure indica, very few ambers, all cloudy, starting to get little foxtail horns on a few of the tops.

    Humidity is low, so I hung whole plant for the first two days, and just broke it into main chunks tonight to get a little separation. I didn't like how much these fat ass nugs were crowding in the middle when hanging whole, especially with the fan leaves still on.

    Her twin sister is going a few days longer, as a first grow experiment.

    I'm letting the Inc Bulk and Cheese Candy's go for a while longer too. Looks like they could fill in a little and become more ripened. Cheese mains are long and medium thickness, mostly filled in with a few small gaps in the spirals. Bulk is all filled in on stalk but the calyxes aren't fully swollen.

    Due to a lot of help from this board, I'm really close to a killer first harvest. I gotta say though, I'm just a little nervous about screwing up the dry/cure, because it's the most "artsy" part, the grow was pretty easy up to this point, and Murphy's law. Wish me luck! DSC_0043.JPG DSC_0046.JPG DSC_0047.JPG
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    thats Totally Radical,, very nice
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