The Mephisto genetics thread


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Looking good man
I've got 3 different strains going outdoors, about same age. None are as bushy as yours thou. Like the branching on that strainView attachment 4349766
I did some leaf tucking and light defoliation through to this stage. That particular plant looks amazing and is quite a bit taller than the other 3. I actually had to elevate the other 3 pots about 3 inches to get the canopy even. Too bad it’s an auto, it’d definitely be a clone candidate otherwise.


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2 Forgotten Cookies
and 5 Grape Walker Kush​
. To my surprise, one of the grape walker popped a pistil[25days in]. First time growing autos and I got to say that this is the fastest I've seen gender.

Are those that expensive pot lifters from amazon?