the south =D


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im gonna take a wild guess that alot of yall here dont like country music. But fuck i love it, not all of it, theres alot of bullshit out there, but then again there are some badass songs, here are some of my favs,

YouTube - mountain music by alabama

YouTube - Song Of The South

YouTube - Where I Come From

YouTube - My Maria

YouTube - The thunder Rolls

YouTube - Alan Jackson,Jimmy Buffett-It's Five O' Clock Somewhere

ok i gotta get to work, but when i get back gonna put some more good ones on this list......


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hey man.....I spent many a time in the barn shoveling....listening to some good footstomping music.....just seems right ya know.....good choices....Randy Travis got me through a rough period in my life with his song....walk on faith trust in love keep putting one foot in front of the other.....on a side note.....we need to Willie Nelson to make a song that says....its 420 somewhere!!! hahahahaha...good luck man!


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'Cause I was coutry when country was cool, yes I weas coutry from me head down to my boots... Afew years back we won tickets to see Alabama in Concert. We were wearing t-shirts from the radio station that was sponsering the event. There people stopped by to ask if two of us would like to go on stage and sign with them when they started "Song of the South'. I said sure, if only two can go, let the girls go. They decided it would be fine if the whole family went, so all five of us got to go up and sing with them. Of course since we were all on stage we didn't get any pictures, shit.
A few years later we won a concert trip to see Shania at DTE energy in Detroit, sat in the center of the front row, I couldn't hear for a few days. it was awesome and we do have a picture of us meeting Shania. We have an autographed copy of Tim McGraw's album as well, another trip we won from the same radio station, gotta love WITL, best in the country. VV